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In The Afterglow

for A Wordling Whirl of Sundays prompt: Wordle 7 http://sundaywhirl.blogspot.com/ In The Afterglow Small furred creature burrows unafraid into his narrow den, then curves himself round his own wild scent and sleeps. While night creeps over land in gaudy glow … Continue reading

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The Breathing Space

For Brenda’s Wordling Whirl of Sundays #6: Wallace Stevens http://sundaywhirl.blogspot.com/2011/05/wordle-6-wallace-stevens.html The Breathing Space Never afraid of twilight hour, turning of day into mystery play of light and shadow. Sits on front porch rocking, as unknown birds softly cry against waning … Continue reading

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Birth of Survivor

  For A Wordling Whirl of Sundays: Wordle #5 http://sundaywhirl.blogspot.com/ Today’s words: waned, window, flight, surrender, beneath, yellow, gathered, angels, utter, rearranged, absolute, risk, lull. Birth of Survivor As yellow moon waned outside window, she dreamed that gathered angels took … Continue reading

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Soaking Wet

  For A Wordling Whirl of Sundays http://sundaywhirl.blogspot.com/ Today’s wordle of words: evaporation, tugs, seaweed, released, breathes, slides, water, river, supersedes, embroidered, mist, and tiny. Soaking Wet River of words slides through our lives during every breathing moment. Embroiders them … Continue reading

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  For A Wordling Whirl of Sundays http://sundaywhirl.blogspot.com/ Words from the wordle: train, aching, scribbling, thirst, revenge, visions, resilient, sustain, thrumming, animated, hillsides, whispered. Unsettled Pages fallen, ripped loose from unknown book, are tease lacking pleasing environment to give them … Continue reading

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