#5 Passage

The passage of time slows
down as we age, becomes stage
of this moment only…

Elizabeth L. Crawford

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#4 Color

Color is story
we find in the doing of
the every day.

Elizabeth L. Crawford 11/2/21

Note: I laughed when I pulled this Journey Stone this morning. Have spent most of this past year making and coloring these designs. But the coloring is a form of active meditation, so tends to bring up lots of memories, which can change the colors of the story we only thought we knew.

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#3 Darkness

She can only hope
that she brings certain light into
surrounding darkness.

Elizabeth L. Crawford 11/1/21

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#2 Listen

2. Listen

“Listen carefully,”
they tell me, but each day I
can only hear less.

Elizabeth L. Crawford 10/31/21

Note: Have had a bad ear infection for weeks. This one is true…Image is one of my designs created with
a kaleidoscope app. and then colored with markers and pens.

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I sing a song of
remembrance, looking back to
see what used to be,

Elizabeth L. Crawford 10/30/21

[Note: Have not been writing anything. Too busy making templates and coloring them, like the one that appears above. While cleaning, found an old tub of Journey Stones. Made with polymer clay, each one has a word carved into it. I made them to use in my classroom, to encourage my students to do a bit of writing each day. Figured the Universe was giving me a head’s up, maybe a tap, or slap on the head? And one best believe I will be keeping it simple]

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Framed Tris-Colored Ode to Mother Nature

From the purple majesty
of her steadfast mountains,

to the seasonal greens that cover
her hills and valleys,

to the rippling blue motions
of her rivers, lakes, and oceans,
Mother Nature is always there.
Always aware of those who
with eyes wide open
seek out her myriad faces, in hopes of invigorating
their owned creativity.

Elizabeth L. Crawford 9/9/2021

Notes: All three of these designs were created from the same pen and ink doodle,
with the aid of my kaleidoscope app. I decided to color them with some of my
favorite hues, only to have these words start singing in my ear while coloring
each of them. Have to love it when one aspect of creativity informs another.

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Coloring Black

Black is the color
that absorbs all others,

to deepen it’s already
dark countenance.

Yet, those others might still
speak from that darkened face,

still influence their multi-hued

Elizabeth Crawford 7/18/21

Note: Until recently, it never occurred to me to color the black spaces in any image. While I did just that on this design, these words kept repeating themselves until I finished.

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Lost But Found

Part of each day
I dance with multi-hued colors.
Moving to music of emotions
and memory.

Finding a satisfaction unlike
any other, when one or more
of these colors, steps forward
to say,

“Let me show you something
that might be surprisingly


Then waltzes me between these
black and white lines I have created
for fun, until we are done, and I can
see a different me than the unhappy one

that used to be.

Elizabeth Crawford 6/26/2021

Note: Image is one of my designs made with a kaleidoscope app, then colored with several different types of acrylic markers.

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Early Morning Mist

In the early morning mist
a wisp of dream appears
with only the faintest wish
to imprint itself on the still
sleeping dreamer.

Elizabeth Crawford 6/3/2021

Note: Image is one of my designs, created years ago, but only colored recently. When I was finished, it began to whisper these words, which I tried to ignore, but couldn’t.

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Dreaming of that day
When the world slows its spinning
Long enough to see
Own incredible beauty
All human souls rejoicing.

Elizabeth Crawford 5/29/2021

Notes: Got a notice that KT had put up a new poem. Went to see. It was a Tanka and she explained it’s origins and structure. Had to try it. “(Note: A tanka is a form of Japanese poetry made up of 5 lines containing 31 syllables. The 1st line has 5 syllables; 2nd, 7 syllables; 3rd , 5 syllables; 4th , 7 syllables; 5th, 7syllables. It can have any theme.)”KT’s site may be found here:

Image is one of my designs, made with the kaleidoscope app and colored by me.

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