Framed Tris-Colored Ode to Mother Nature

From the purple majesty
of her steadfast mountains,

to the seasonal greens that cover
her hills and valleys,

to the rippling blue motions
of her rivers, lakes, and oceans,
Mother Nature is always there.
Always aware of those who
with eyes wide open
seek out her myriad faces, in hopes of invigorating
their owned creativity.

Elizabeth L. Crawford 9/9/2021

Notes: All three of these designs were created from the same pen and ink doodle,
with the aid of my kaleidoscope app. I decided to color them with some of my
favorite hues, only to have these words start singing in my ear while coloring
each of them. Have to love it when one aspect of creativity informs another.

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Coloring Black

Black is the color
that absorbs all others,

to deepen it’s already
dark countenance.

Yet, those others might still
speak from that darkened face,

still influence their multi-hued

Elizabeth Crawford 7/18/21

Note: Until recently, it never occurred to me to color the black spaces in any image. While I did just that on this design, these words kept repeating themselves until I finished.

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Lost But Found

Part of each day
I dance with multi-hued colors.
Moving to music of emotions
and memory.

Finding a satisfaction unlike
any other, when one or more
of these colors, steps forward
to say,

“Let me show you something
that might be surprisingly


Then waltzes me between these
black and white lines I have created
for fun, until we are done, and I can
see a different me than the unhappy one

that used to be.

Elizabeth Crawford 6/26/2021

Note: Image is one of my designs made with a kaleidoscope app, then colored with several different types of acrylic markers.

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Early Morning Mist

In the early morning mist
a wisp of dream appears
with only the faintest wish
to imprint itself on the still
sleeping dreamer.

Elizabeth Crawford 6/3/2021

Note: Image is one of my designs, created years ago, but only colored recently. When I was finished, it began to whisper these words, which I tried to ignore, but couldn’t.

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Dreaming of that day
When the world slows its spinning
Long enough to see
Own incredible beauty
All human souls rejoicing.

Elizabeth Crawford 5/29/2021

Notes: Got a notice that KT had put up a new poem. Went to see. It was a Tanka and she explained it’s origins and structure. Had to try it. “(Note: A tanka is a form of Japanese poetry made up of 5 lines containing 31 syllables. The 1st line has 5 syllables; 2nd, 7 syllables; 3rd , 5 syllables; 4th , 7 syllables; 5th, 7syllables. It can have any theme.)”KT’s site may be found here:

Image is one of my designs, made with the kaleidoscope app and colored by me.

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In Search of…

Am looking for a poem,
a place to call home.
Where words fit feelings
and don’t send me reeling
away because they lack
any reality for this place
in which I live.

This place to which I’ve
given my soul in this
constant search for
wholeness. A world apart
from all others, yet holding
a heart that continues
to beat to its own peculiar

Giving what it can and
sometimes what it can not,
because that is what it learned
long ago, is essential
to living fully. Always seeking
those words which often
fly away like birds to another
place, much like me, seeking
that one face they might call


Elizabeth Crawford 5/8/2021

Note: Written simply because I promised myself I wouldn’t stop after NAPO. Image is one of my designs, colored, and titled “Between Daylight and Dark”.

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Self Speaking to Self

Here we stand together
on Lucille’s bridge, caught
between star-shine and clay.

This current quest ends today,
but tomorrow we continue.
Waters of life keep flowing
and we will go with them.

Through peace or turbulence
it makes no difference
because we have found that very thing
for which we have been seeking.

It has brought us, once again,
that simple joy and wonder to be found
in being one who breathes, and is


Elizabeth Crawford

Note: Sherry gave me the word “bridge”, and I knew immediately that I would go back
to Lucille Clifton’s birthday poem. But then got sort of stalled with a hundred different
ways, or paths, I could take. Went searching through my files, here on line, skimming
through my past Napo journeys. Found the song and knew it was exactly what I
needed. And it was. Listened to it and knew right where I was going.

I haven’t written any poetry in the past year. Too busy finishing and editing my
almost 200 pages of “poetic memoir.” I was very hesitant to begin this year and
it shows in those first pieces I wrote. It is a most amazing, and humbling experience
to be a writer/poet seeking to hopefully find her own voice.

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About Closure

As this current journey
nears its completion,
am reminded of the runner
who must be trained
to quicken his pace
or risk loosing the race

The mind can be a funny
thing, often heeding a familiar
bell, rather than that one
which is needed.

When that runner sees what is called
“Home”, his mind will tell him that
it is time to slow down, the race
is “finished”, when it really isn’t.

So he must be trained to quash that
primal urge, and reach for another
spurt of energy that will take him
over and beyond that so-called

“finished” line.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/29/2021

Notes: Image is another of my designs, colored and liked by others. But, I have
always known that it could be improved with a few changes. Changes I have
failed to create because of those other opinions. Just like that runner, I’ve fallen
to “good enough” rather than my best. This yearly Journey has shown me something
very important. I need to get back to writing poetry. the kind that I am good at.

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Is it wicked

of me to believe

that I have been found worthy

because I have received

a bit of wisdom?

Elizabeth Crawford 4/28/2021

Note: Image is a newly created design which I colored. There is a story behind
the words for today. My partner in crime, Sherry, gave me three words instead
of the usual one. I really like playing with words, and the first thing that popped
into my head was the question you see. So it became my post. The easiest one
in this seemingly endless month of April.

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The Dragon

  • Little One, yezterday you zaid that you had a partner in crime? Doez that mean
    that you have been doing zsomezing illegal? I know that it haz been zome amount
    of time zinse we have zpoken, zshould I be worried?

  • “Oh Heth, no. It’s just a figure of speech. It simply means that we are working
    together, helping each other, to get through this difficult month
    of writing a poem a day. Something, I think, only people who might be
    a bit insane would attempt to do.”

  • And doez that mean, you think you might be crazzzy?

After a soft bit of laughter, “Well, that answer would be both yes, and no. It’s
a lot of work and time, and no one gets paid a salary for doing this. It is done
by anyone who loves poetry and the writing of it. And seeing as I have been
doing just that for well over half of my life, I am one of those people. And, by
the way, there are definitely others who would adamantly say I must be a bit
crazy for writing it at all.”

Again, I do not underztand. You do it well, and have even been given, how to zssay,
awards for your ability. Why would anyone think that might mean you are mentally
unbalanszed for doing this thing you are good at?

After a bit more laughter, “Because there are people who perhaps think that poetry
is a foreign language? Don’t begin to understand it or even the reasons why someone,
like me, would be involved with it at all. They don’t find any personal value in such
things, and rather than try to understand, they assign a negative value to it, and
simply walk away. And that might be one of the biggest and best reasons
I do this crazy thing every year.”

How szo?

“For a thousand different reasons. Poetry, when I started, seemed to bring me to life. Gave
me a voice, that others could hear and possibly grow from that experience. Believe it,
or not, I used to be one of those people who thought that poetry was a closed-up
cloister, to which I could and never would find admittance. But once I was offered that
key, and entered that closed door, I found a solid rock on which to build the rest
of my existence. So, if my words, simple as they are, might awaken another
to other possibilities, I will continue to do it, for as long as I am able.”

Oh, Little One, that attitude iz the very reaszon why we dragonz have named you,
Dragon Woman.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/27/2021

Note: Image is a free coloring page, I found, years ago, on the Internet. It didn’t specify who the Artist might be, so I don’t have that information to offer. It was done in simple black and white. Months ago, when I decided to haul out my coloring pens and get into that activity again, this image came up, and I decided it would be the best place for me to
begin. Heth is the dragon who occupies my rather active imagination. She is bright red,
and in any small light, her scales flash a golden sparkle. Her given name is
Marananthaheth, but I call her Heth, because she told me that single breathed
out syllable means all things dragon.

The dragons were an outgrowth of the Personal Mythology I created in my late thirties. The beginnings of that particular adventure may be found on my prose site:

And if you are at all interested in the subject of “Dragons”, you can simply type the word
Dragons into the search engine listed above, as well as the one on my prose site. I’ve done a bit of writing on the subject matter.

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