Images for Title Poem

pic 1

pic 1

pic 2

pic 2

pic 3

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12

These are the twelve images that inspired the title poem for this blog. The poem is Soul’s Music and was written January 5, 2009 as a challenge on the Stormy Monday blog at the Flexwriters Cafe at, and is weekly hosted by Marsha K. Nelson. She provides both theme and images for the weekly challenge, as well as music to enhance the experience.

5 Responses to Images for Title Poem

  1. Marsha says:

    My dearest Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for giving me props for the Stormy Monday blog at FlexWriters Cafe on MySpace. I cannot tell you enough how much your contributions have only enhanced the blog and it makes me feel wonderful that you are there side by side with me even though our paths are miles apart!

    No pun intended, but for the January 5, 2009 Wind of the Soul blog I hosted I was quite literally blown away by the piece you wrote that incorporated the dozen pictures I posted for the challenge.

    You continue to give me such inspiration and have revived my zest for writing. Thank you for everything!

    Much love,


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Ahhhhh shucks, I can’t thank you enough for revitalizing and energizing my ongoing love for poetry. I think we are even, lol.

    Thanks bunches for stopping in and dropping a few words. And maybe you will think about doing your magic here, as well.



  3. jinksy says:

    ~2 and #8 are on my wavelength -though all of them deserve a second look..

    The woman who put them together, didn’t cite them. Wish she had, I’d go take a lot of second looks,



  4. 1sojournal says:

    Sorry Jinksy, I asked her several times for cites but she always told me it was a secret. I have no idea where she got them, but they certainly are effective, especially when teamed up with a very generous theme to play with.



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