Mandala Gallery

All of these designs were created by Marc Bove. His site is located here:    and can be reached by clicking on any of the images below. The images are copyrighted and displayed here with permission.

The images were colored by me, using various artist pens and markers, and I would enjoy hearing your comments.

The Mandala is an ancient symbol of the life cycle and is used as a meditative source for spiritual growth and healing.

MG 1a


MG 2+

Gateway Into Forest

MG 3+

Magician’s Shield

MG 4+1

Emerald Enlightenment

MG 5+

Collective Unconscious

MG 6+

High Priestess

MG 7+

Dream Cycle

MG 8+

Full Metal
(metalic ink)

MG 9+

Personal Power

MG 10+

From An Ancient Realm

MG 11+

Tied Together Naturally

Always There Are Personal Favorites

Always There Are Personal Favorites

MG 13+

Rose Window

MG 14+

Same Design, Different Flavor

MB vol4 #2 F  4-29-09


MG 16+

Warrior’s Shield

MG 17+


MG 18+


MG 19+

Odd Man Out

MG 20+

Green With

MG 21+

Divided Whimsy

MG 22+

Patchwork Quilt

MG 23+

No Blue Thing

MG 24+1

Bird’s Nest

17 Responses to Mandala Gallery

  1. lifeunderacarolinamoon says:

    Such a wonderful choice of colors! It looks like something that could be so relaxing yet at the same time, I am not sure I’d have the patience to sit the length of time it would take to finish one! I am so glad you can though! Beautiful to look at!

    It is amazing how quickly they get finished. Depending on the size I print them, they can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. But, I also move slowly, not just because of my age, although that might have something to do with it, but also because they are incredibly relaxing to do and I thouroughly enjoy the time I spend on them. Some of them take longer because I have a tendency to change my mind about fifty times once I apply the first color, lol.

    Thanks so much for stopping and taking a look and for commenting.



  2. diddums says:

    These are lovely — beautiful designs with beautiful colour schemes! It’s hard to pick out which one I like best, but today it’s the first one, Aquilegia.


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look and comment, Diddums. I do have my favorites but they seem to change with the day and my mood. Although, I have to admit that ‘Collective Unconscious’ was a bit of a breakthrough and retains a special place because of that. I think we have a tendency to do that with whatever we create, attach a feeling state to it that has little to do with the object itself and much more to do with some internal meaning it holds for us.

    Someday I might just take the time to write about the aspect of my life cycle that the separate pieces refer to, or mark for me. Sounds like a bit of work though and that is for the future as my plate is pretty full at the moment.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to stop and comment,



  4. Marc Bove says:

    Wonderful ! They simply are wonderful. I’ve never been able to imagine what could be done with my designs, as I’ve only been able to draw them. In fact, every time I tried to colour one of my mandalas, it turned into a wreckage. I just can’t do it. So I’m always amazed at discovering every colorist’s interpretation…but your colours…Whaooooow ! I must admit they’re the most harmonious I have ever seen. Some of them just took my breath away ! I’ll carry on drawing as long as you’ll carry on colouring.


  5. 1sojournal says:

    Now that’s a deal! Can’t begin to tell you how much your comments mean to me. Didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath from the moment I saw your name here, this morning. Have to admit that I have been tempted to try a design or two, but reality is, this is so much better. My mind is the wreckage when I try to think of just how to begin and I can’t think how you do this. I absolutely love your designs. They are both a challenge and a deep satisfaction once they are completed. Actually, they are an abiding pleasure through the entire process, as well as soul healing and satisfying. I simply know that if I tried the design process, I would never get to the coloring aspect, and that would never do. That only means that each of us has a particular niche and I am so grateful that you are occupying and filling the one that belongs to you. I intend to continue coloring until I can no longer hold the pens, so does that mean there will soon be a volume 5 (hint,hint)?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come and look and to comment. You have definitely refueled my creative fire and I am grateful.



  6. Marj says:

    Wow, it’s like having a wonderful kalidescope to look at… is the bomb


  7. 1sojournal says:

    Thank you my friend, for taking the time to look and comment. I’m glad you like it and I know that it has made a world of difference to me.

    Elizabeth (the bomb)


  8. UglyOldWitch says:

    “Always…” (my personal favorite!)

    They are lovely and inspiring, and you, YOU, have gotten pretty darn handy with the blog-realm! Don’t think I haven’t noticed your header.



  9. 1sojournal says:

    Ahhhh, thanks so much for taking a look. They are certainly inspiring and my nephew and I are discussing how to find an inexpensive (operative word) way to make them into a Mandala collage that will cover my entire living room wall, floor to ceiling. Now, that, I think would be incredibly awesome, don’t you agree?

    Hugs and love from North Wisconsin Hillbilly Heaven, lol,



  10. Snoweh says:

    The colour you have gifted these designs with, here and in your mandalas II gallery is breathtaking. I, myself have been doing mandalas for a little while and have recently tried to purchase Marc’s mandala CDs but unfortunately have had no luck. I was hoping that maybe you could point me in the right direction?


  11. 1sojournal says:

    Hi Snoweh, I just sent you an email with the info I have. Hope that works and I would be very interested in seeing what you’ve been doing if you are in the mood for sharing. Thanks for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you,



  12. Marc Bove says:

    Morning Snoweh,

    My website was a bit overcrowded and invaded by various sources of advertising. I recently kicked ’em off. Therefore you can access to my webmail.

    Truly yours,

    Marc Bove, “compasses addict”.

    Thanks Marc, are you still drawing? I sincerely hope so.



  13. Snoweh says:

    Thanks, Marc 🙂 I’ll send you an Email as well to this effect but will say here too That what I will be wanting is one copy of each of the four volumes delivered to the UK. I tried to work out on your website what that would come to in £GBP but i’m easily confused in my old age :p

    Thanks again! – Sam 😀


  14. Marc Bove says:

    For various reasons 1 stopped for a couple of years. But I have restarted drawing feverishly recently. I’m concentrating on Celtic knots as well as on roman foliages. I’ll send you one of my prototypes so that you can turn it into “something alive”, as you can do like nobody else.


  15. 1sojournal says:


    when I read this, I got so excited, I was running around whooping and hollering, lol. Not a nice thing to do to an old woman who has arthritis in most of her joints. Not a pretty picture, either, lol! Now all I can do is settle down and wait, and I actually think I might be able to manage that. I love the idea and promise to wait patiently (fingers crossed). You are a wonderful man. Thank you,



  16. JulesPaige says:

    Elizabeth and Marc…
    Wow! I could offer a third element…either to the blank slate…or the colored versions. – inspired haiku or other short verse. These pieces are a delight to the eye and imagination. Are the names of the pieces Marc’s?

    There are many I like, a few favorites, but all are delightful.

    Jules, the titles are mine, often occurring to me as I colored the images. I did add words, both short and longer verses for a month of “Mandala Stones” here: At that point, I also encouraged others to respond to the images but no one did so, although I did get both visits and comments through most of the month. I have, since then, found a way to create my own images for coloring, using the kaleidoscope app and my own repeat line pattern drawings. You can find many of those at I have also used photos to create kaleidoscope images and those can be found at the same site. I seem to go through periods of writing, then coloring. I have also created my own digital “paintings” and used them for a Collaberation prompt for a while. Those are also at that other site. I really do like the kaleidoscope imaging and have learned a great deal by simply playing with the app.

    I’d like to thank you for your interest, it is deeply appreciated. I have all of the volumes Marc created and occasionally go back to them and use different colors. As I have often said, it is a form of active meditation and really is very relaxing and satisfying. I would like to hear what you think about any or all of it, if you have the time.



  17. JulesPaige says:

    I had to remember how to get here from there…after getting your e-mail. I’ve stuck this on my favorites list (I’ll do that with your “CL:WP” site too) so I can find it without having to jump through hoops…*giggle*.
    I was thinking of short verse, haiku or Elfjie telling a little story based on the colors and title. I think though I’ll go to the place where you created your own so I don’t get into issues of using Marc’s work without permission. Thanks for your e-mail as I am not sure I would have found my way back here… 🙂

    Jules, the November Poem A Day Challenge is fast coming toward us. I am thinking of doing something that would include some of the kaleidoscope images I have created from photos and other art work. In other words, I have a proposition to offer you, lol. I’ll send you an email when I figure out just what it is I am going to do.

    PS Thanks for taking the time to take a look. And I like your idea, have even done it last year for the Challenge.


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