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The Secret

The Secret If I tell you it will no longer be what it was meant to be. Beautiful satin ribbon will come undone, ragged at its edges. Cover of box will no longer cover and all of the shiny surprises … Continue reading

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Modem The word itself seems to suggest motion, movement. But have to wonder if that’s real or merely suggestion. We each sit at this machine, and with just a few clicks can reach out across the globe and make contact. … Continue reading

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Discovering Gold

Discovering Gold Hear many complain about lack of gold in these ‘golden’ years. Did it myself for a bit of time, until I found vein of precious metal running through my days. Very real nuggets of that priceless commodity called … Continue reading

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One Question

One Question Do you disturb, interrupt, unsettle, interfere, hinder, disarrange, perplex, or trouble the silence in the world around you? Perhaps you should. Elizabeth CrawfordĀ  4/22/2018 Notes: The word disturb used to mean all kinds of things to me, and … Continue reading

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A Thought

A Thought Sometimes wish that the word Sunday was just what it says: A day filled with sunshine, beautiful blue skies, with fluffy white clouds drifting through them. But, must remember that rain, wind, and even snow have a purpose … Continue reading

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Life Without Logic

Life Without Logic Am a North Wisconsin Hillbilly who writes poetry. Is that even reasonable, let alone logical? Grew up in a big/little town where Sunday’s second service was football, family, screaming at the television as if players whose names … Continue reading

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What is Splendid?

What is Splendid? Ear hears the word imagination rushes to make a path toward memory: Two eagles wing waltzing in life-bond dance of renewal. Trees crowding curve of back country road where black bear cub sits trying to capture dappled … Continue reading

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