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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:

Hard Place

Hard Place Remembering peace gathering together living beside each other without the chilling sting of grief that now touches all of us as trunk-load of violence is unleashed to fly like a twisted wind whistling through teeth of an arrogant … Continue reading

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Teaching the Teacher

Zo, little one, you are now done with thiz making of poemz? “Yes, with this final piece I am finished, finito, kaput.” What is thiz finito, kaput? I have not heard of theze thingz before… “Oh, sorry. They are slang. … Continue reading

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Legacy In a dream, I stood in swirling mist naked and alone. Then saw my right hand clasped in hand of another woman who stood naked and alone, right hand clasped by another… So on it went this line of … Continue reading

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About the Modern World,

At the risk of being thought a befuddled old woman, or a turtle flipped on its back unable to right itself, what I see in the modern world, confuses, bewilders, and frightens me. Makes no sense in its senseless need … Continue reading

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Serendipity When two things or people, who were never meant to meet come together collide. With a sense of wonder and a feeling that there is just a bit of magic in the making of that moment. Tiny electric shock … Continue reading

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Another Lesson

She bends down to peer into my questioning eyes. Little one, you know I can leave at any time? Struck dumb by her question I can only whisper, “But, you wouldn’t, not really, would you?” No. But that haz more … Continue reading

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The Secret

The Secret If I tell you it will no longer be what it was meant to be. Beautiful satin ribbon will come undone, ragged at its edges. Cover of box will no longer cover and all of the shiny surprises … Continue reading

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