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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:


At her current age, strongly resists the mere idea of rebirth. Both thoughts and feelings whirl in wind of confusion. Twirling themselves into tightening knots of not possible. But finally slow to knit themselves into soft warm shawl that falls … Continue reading

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Yes, she knows of the head and heart, how far apart the distance sometimes can be between them. But, also knows that when they agree, her very soul sings with the harmony to be found between them. Elizabeth Crawford 5/20/2020 … Continue reading

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But now, time has slowed. Moments drag feet, like reluctant children caught in a maze of Math equations. Thoughts sometimes feel like a ponderous turtle lost in deep pool of slow-moving quicksand, lacking any sure footing. While she looks around … Continue reading

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Colors and Lines

She remembers a time, without time, when her world was made of words and color, lines and curves like stars that lightened whatever darkness might occur. A time when her mind and heart were filled with the wonder of just … Continue reading

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Word Freedom

For The Sunday Whirl #456 distance, kill, loser, droplets, breathe, see, meet, liberty, dance, shy, die, ignorant Word Freedom Shy words dance like droplets of rain searching to meet rich dark soil, in distance. Knowing only that they will die … Continue reading

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Dance With Words

For years now she has danced with the words. Let them lead her into worlds of music, nature, and wild things. They have nurtured her soul, allowing a wholeness she never dreamed could even be possible. Feeding both head and … Continue reading

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Finding Home

Recalls that night alone again, she reached out to the star filled darkness, asking how one alone might possibly find home. How the stars seemed to brighten, lighting dark sky with small twinkles of moving brightness. Something unseen gently tapping … Continue reading

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She looks back. Can still see that shy, frightened girl standing half-hidden at the entrance to shadowy cave of existence. All her fears a burden she carries within, whispers, unnamed but never truly silent. How could she speak when she … Continue reading

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Giving Birth

Remembers the marriage built on vague hopes and dreams. Giving birth, first to her children and much more slowly herself. Pushing against both dark fear and pain. Knowing only that it was time to bring new life into the world. … Continue reading

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She remembers being young head in the air scenting its freshness as she walked without fear down the path to Experience. The butterfly of transformation riding her shoulder like a promise bound to happen at any given moment. Only to … Continue reading

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