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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:


For Poets United: Mid-week Motif – Flood Drowning in hate-filled rhetoric, lies in words that no longer hold any meaning, shouted by faces that have lost all likeness to a compassionate humanity. Turn away. Dive into lines and color, … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #309 mean, carry, poor, trigger, born, sea, nothing, shake, beam, post, pick, string Sunday’s Whirligig: Wordle # 121 hate, bliss, rapture, wig, lips, sandals, loathe, dents, draw, relapse, broccoli, delight Endless Pick at string … Continue reading

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Movement Outside thunder rumbles from distance. Inside raindrops pearl every window. Deep within quiet stillness awaiting direction. Elizabeth Crawford  7/12/2017 Posted at Poets United: Mid-Week Motif -Movement Save Save Save Save

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How Much?

How Much? How much would you give to see another defeated? A day of your life in sunlight? Pain of scraped raw knuckles smashed against bony jaw, or sharp teeth? How much would you give to see another on his … Continue reading

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Dialogue on War and Peace

Dialogue on War and Peace What is War? Humanity marking it’s territory like any other creature. Drawing a line, then saying, “You don’t look like me, don’t think, or speak like me. You don’t belong in my space. If you … Continue reading

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Half Lotus

Half Lotus Everyday I sit in this huge leather chair, legs crossed in yoga style called a ‘half-lotus’ pose. Started as a child when short stature didn’t allow feet to rest firmly on the floor. Causing discomfort when I’d rise … Continue reading

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