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The Quest

What is a quest? It is a journeywhich begins at birth and lasts for an entire life.Might be filled with strife, or rife with a love of learning. It is that inward burning to know everything. Turning of the clock … Continue reading

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The Dragon Slayer

Sometime, of an evening, she would think of younger days, of a long ago time when she journeyed alone, and all the people she’d met. How they’d helped her to learn what was really important, and how to hone, then … Continue reading

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In Bonfire Light

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 2 In Bonfire Light Four of us sit around bonfire lit in hopes of chasing away night’s chill from bones no longer filled with vigor of youth’s unruly willfulness. Each woman turned inward musing on this … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge

For Creativity Challenge Day 37: Path http://1sojournal.wordpress.com Cutting Edge Life is a journey down innumerable highways, with even more tangents. Sometimes ending in cul-de-sacs, where footsteps become hollow impossible echoes that can’t be followed. Long ago, I chose to follow … Continue reading

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Mythopoesis 17 – The Journey Begins

NaPoWriMo Day 17 The Journey Begins He walked, ever to the West, trying his best to be mindful. Eyes alert, he was aware that most often his companions were the wildlife that abounded in the woods and forests. White-tailed deer, … Continue reading

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Mythopeosis 16 – Leaving Interlude

For NaPoWriMo Day 16 Leaving The Valley Interlude Having packed in a rush, the man tossed his knapsack over his shoulder. Walked away from his rambling house not knowing if he would ever return. One thought burned in his mind, … Continue reading

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A Journey With Friends

Magic is forever present, waits each moment that lies between then and now. Is never at fault when poet fails to see because her Me has become a Wall far too tall to look beyond, much to wide to slip … Continue reading

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