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Early Morning Mist

In the early morning mista wisp of dream appearswith only the faintest wishto imprint itself on the stillsleeping dreamer. Elizabeth Crawford 6/3/2021 Note: Image is one of my designs, created years ago, but only colored recently. When I was finished, … Continue reading

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Colors and Lines

She remembers a time, without time, when her world was made of words and color, lines and curves like stars that lightened whatever darkness might occur. A time when her mind and heart were filled with the wonder of just … Continue reading

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Dance With Words

For years now she has danced with the words. Let them lead her into worlds of music, nature, and wild things. They have nurtured her soul, allowing a wholeness she never dreamed could even be possible. Feeding both head and … Continue reading

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She looks back. Can still see that shy, frightened girl standing half-hidden at the entrance to shadowy cave of existence. All her fears a burden she carries within, whispers, unnamed but never truly silent. How could she speak when she … Continue reading

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The Dragon Slayer

Sometime, of an evening, she would think of younger days, of a long ago time when she journeyed alone, and all the people she’d met. How they’d helped her to learn what was really important, and how to hone, then … Continue reading

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One Voice

This is the song of one small bird, finally set free after seemingly years in captivity. Instinctively knowing to spread her wings, becoming one with wind which upholds  her. These are the words of one voice, winging its way through … Continue reading

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I Continue

NaPoWriMo 2020: Day 16 Used to call myself a sister to trees, and a maker of stones. Creating my home from inked words carved onto white paper. What used to be such an easy flow, has now become a fitful … Continue reading

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Courting the Wind

    NaPoWriMo Day 3, 2020 Words whisper at inner ear, like wind wandering ceaselessly through tall grasses. Must lean in, become stilled, or miss their meaning and lose my way. Know from past encounters, that most wild things will … Continue reading

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Looking Back

Looking Back Words used to be my friends. Followed them eagerly like stepping stones. But left them behind a while ago, walked away, didn’t look back. Sometimes they’d call out, soft whispers, too easily ignored. Can’t explain, no rhyme and … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be Buoyant,

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 26 To Be or Not To Be Buoyant Definitely feel a lack of commitment to this written obligation I have tethered myself to. Would far rather be out, down by mouth of the river watching Pelicans … Continue reading

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