Mythopeosis 16 – Leaving Interlude

For NaPoWriMo Day 16

3-23-2015 1_34_47 PMLeaving The Valley Interlude

Having packed in a rush,
the man tossed his knapsack
over his shoulder. Walked
away from his rambling house
not knowing if he would ever

One thought burned in his
mind, he must move, but
rest of his thoughts were like
fireflies blown in high wind.
A jumble of flashing patterns
lacking any pattern at all.

He walked toward the West,
knowing only that was best
because that was the direction
that said future.

He would worry about nurture
when he got hungry, would
sleep when his feet told him
it was time to stop.

For now, all he knew
was that he must keep
moving. Surprised, he heard
a song in his head, started
singing softly with familiar

Elizabeth Crawford 4/16/15

Notes: Wasn’t going to post today. My daughter has to go in for an emergency
procedure later this afternoon. Yet these thoughts kept running through my head, so took the time to type them up and am somewhat satisfied. I really don’t know where all of this is going.  Had no idea it was walking toward West Virginia (a place I’ve never been). Image is another zen doodle. Song is Country Roads by John Denver.

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1 Response to Mythopeosis 16 – Leaving Interlude

  1. May all go well with your daughter, Elizabeth. Keep us posted how you both are doing, wont you? I have always loved that song………..I liked this interlude, can see the man heading West “because that was the direction that said future”. I watched the movie Wild recently, a young woman’s one thousand mile trek, after the death of her mother – true story. Sometimes walking is the way we figure out where we’re headed.

    Thanks Sherry. I would agree and think that is why we are told that it’s not the destination, but the journey that is important. I figure my daughter and I are on a journey (perhaps more than one), and will get wherever we are going when we get there. Meanwhile, we must just keep moving.



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