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About My Creation Story

There are those who would saythat the things I do are “child’s play.”Coloring these designs I makefrom “doodles” I drew in anothertime and place. Giving them a different facethat speaks in the language of colors.Saying things both soft and loudwithout … Continue reading

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Colors and Lines

She remembers a time, without time, when her world was made of words and color, lines and curves like stars that lightened whatever darkness might occur. A time when her mind and heart were filled with the wonder of just … Continue reading

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For Poets United: Mid-week Motif – Flood http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/ Drowning in hate-filled rhetoric, lies in words that no longer hold any meaning, shouted by faces that have lost all likeness to a compassionate humanity. Turn away. Dive into lines and color, … Continue reading

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Another Dream

For NaPoWriMow: Day 27 http://1sojournal.wordpress.com fireflies, lit, sleep, door, turns, fall Another Dream Left my door open just a crack, then turned over and fell asleep. Watched fireflies flit and flutter against the ceiling, then fly in kaleidoscopic formations, dazzling … Continue reading

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