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Formal Farewell To Big Tent Poetry

  Big Tent Poetry is closing down the site to further weekly prompts. Big Tent is where I began my journey on the poetry prompt circuit. It is hard to see them go, but they need to be free to … Continue reading

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Gray-Haired Woman

  For Big Tent Poetry prompt: Something that’s been sitting for a while http://bigtentpoetry.org Gray-Haired Woman Heard the song once, years ago. Only remember few words from chorus: “She’s a gray-haired woman, coming into her own, coming into her own.” … Continue reading

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At Center

NaPoWriMo – day 29 And for Big Tent Poetry prompt: what’s at center?  At Center Soul traveler knows journey is wending its way toward ending. Remembers faces, all the places she has been. Old friends and new seem to circle … Continue reading

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In The Maw of Things

  NaPoWriMo – day 22 and for Big Tent Poetry Prompt: what would you shout down the street?    In The Maw of Things Yesterday, our traveler, like a child, wanted to run wild in street, yelling in huge capital … Continue reading

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Science of Poem

  For Big Tent Poetry Prompt: Science http://bigtentpoetry.org Science of Poem View collected specimens of words, carefully choosing those placed on Petri dish of imagination. Slipped beneath viewing lens, microscopic eye of conscious knowing. Seek certain formations, patterns of color … Continue reading

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Indigo Owl

  For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt:  Shadows http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/ And Big Tent Poetry prompt:  The Blues http://bigtentpoetry.org Indigo Owl Used to believe in need for a happy ending. Played with the blues, until I found Indigo. Deep dark shadows … Continue reading

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Wordle Frustration

  For Big Tent Poetry Prompt:  Wordle http://bigtentpoetry.org Wordle Frustration Grind teeth as I attempt to gain angle on resistant list of mismatched words. They rotate, float away, become ever more remote, while I grasp after some kind of handle … Continue reading

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Moment of Wonder

  For Big Tent Poetry prompt: Photographer’s Point of View http://bigtentpoetry.org We were to take a photograph, not our own, and write a poem from the view of the known or unknown photographer. Moment of Wonder Office party door prize: … Continue reading

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Whose Footprints Do I Follow?

  For Big Tent Poetry prompt:  feet http://bigtentpoetry.org Whose Footprints Do I Follow? The father who took me into nature, taught me to be aware, with side-glance, of what might be dancing in shadows? Mother who painted a canvas of … Continue reading

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The Good Guy

  for Big Tent Poetry prompt: List Poem http://bigtentpoetry.org The Good Guy Odd Thomas keeps odd hours. A fry cook, he rises before ticktock of dawn, walks through shadowfires, down strange highways, sometimes hearing whispers of dragon tears. From the … Continue reading

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