Wing Waltz


for Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Love

Wing Waltz

Remember the eagles,

how each year, they court one another,
rising slowly together, on air currents
circling to unheard music.
Wing tips almost touching, barely brushing
past each other as they soar higher
and higher, partners in a slow-motion
waltz above the clouds.

There, out of sight, talons reaching,
they grasp hold, fold wings, and descend
in dizzying spiral, straight toward earth
and rebirth of their commitment.
At last moment, they release one another
only to ascend again, in their wing waltz
of renewal.

Remember the eagles,

carry each moment lightly, like feathers
on your fingertips, so that when things
go wrong and the song plays out of tune,
all you need do is reach out, make contact,
skin on skin, with those things
which bring and hold you together.

Like the eagles,
make you own music. Let the love you share
become the air that lifts you up to soar
high above storm clouds which appear
on life’s horizon.

Like the eagles,
give one another room to spread wings
to their fullest extent, yet stay close
to give strength, to encourage.

Seek and cherish those silences that soften
into satisfaction. Learn how to cling,
how to let go, and start over again.

Always make space in which to renew
the face of your mutual climb toward
a committed future.

Remember the eagles,

know that what you begin this day
is sacred. Never forget that you
are partners now, in your own slow-motion
wing waltz.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/1997

Note: This poem was originally written to be read at my youngest daughter’s wedding. When I saw the prompt today, and its reason, this immediately came to mind. Congratulations Robb, to you and to your bride.

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7 Responses to Wing Waltz

  1. Wow, Elizabeth, this is fantastically beautiful and wise. How wonderful that it was read at your daughter’s wedding. It says everything important about love. I especially love “carry each momewnt lightly, like feathers on your fingertips”….such beauty, such wisdom. Why do we learn all this so late in life? Sigh.

    Maybe because we were too busy doing other things? Age does have its rewards, and its purposes, Sherry, and we have been lucky enough to engage in both. I read the poem (a longer version), at my daughter’s wedding, and guess what? I was wearing red shoes that day! How much more synchronistic is that?!!



  2. pamela says:

    Gorgeous piece, Elizabeth,

    “Remember the eagles,

    know that what you begin this day
    is sacred. Never forget that you
    are partners now, in your own slow-motion
    wing waltz.”

    Love should be exactly like that!


    And I believe that it is, Pamela, all different kinds of love. Thanks for the “gorgeous”, that goes in the kudo box,



  3. Ellen says:

    Wow Elizabeth, I am in awe! I read Sherry’s poem and saw your post and thought I would stop by. When reading Sherry’s work, I remembered a poem I wrote to my soon to be husband about eagles, how they chose one mate. Then I come here and your poem is eagles. I am amazed and stunned~
    This is beautiful and as it should be “Seek and cherish those silences that soften
    into satisfaction. Learn how to cling, how to let go, and start over again”! I love your words~

    Ellen, when my daughter first called and asked me to write a poem for her wedding, I was stunned and told her I didn’t think that I could do that as so many better writers have written such extraordinary things about it over the ages. As soon as I got off the phone, I started seeing images of the eagles we had watched performing this ritual, and began to hear those words whisper in my ear. I am so glad that I stopped and started writing all of it down. This poem was never published, and this is its first public showing since the day I read it at her wedding. It just seemed so right for this moment in Robb’s and Amber’s life. And I’m not surprised at the synchronicity that occurred for you. You and I share some sort of bond. I don’t know why or how, just that it exists. The Universe works in mysterious ways, yes?



  4. How lovely! I really enjoyed your poem. And I also wanted to stop by and thank you for posting that fun limerick on my blog. I hope you’ll become a regular participant in my Limerick-Offs. I post a new limerick challenge every Sunday or Monday. Thanks again!

    Madeleine, thanks for the invitation, but I only do limericks on rare occasions, when the mood is right. I’ll visit though, and enjoy what others offer. Glad you enjoyed the poem,



  5. Isabel Doyle says:

    a very special piece – I could see the eagles soaring

    Thank you Isabel, this one has always had strong feelings for me.



  6. Sherry Marr says:

    This is so gorgeous. I can see the entire waltz so clearly. I especially love “carry each moment lightly, like feathers….”


  7. Sumana Roy says:

    the whole poem pours love (and also profound wisdom) from a mother’s heart…a kind of love i’m now feeling for all, even for those with dark hearts…so beautiful and touching….


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