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Grasshopper Dreams IV

For Miz Quickly’s Impossible Missions: Word_ Day 4 same list http://imprompt.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/word-day-4/#comments Grasshopper Dreams IV Her wishes were like pale mint grasshoppers leaping with a snicking click at slightest whim, cast by fickle winds, then disappearing in a single blink, looking … Continue reading

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Wish To Be A Perfect Poet (with a bit of self talk)

For Miz Quickly’s Impromptu Poetry Day 29: Wishes http://imprompt.wordpress.com/ Wish To Be A Perfect Poet (with a bit of self talk) But foolish wish can’t even be kissed, ’cause puckered lips cannot begin to pronounce perfectly profound words that might … Continue reading

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Perfect April Fool

for Miz Quickly’s poetic prompts: Day 1, seven words http://imprompt.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/april-one/ Perfect April Fool Wish to be a perfect poet, writing poetic perfection every day, one day at a time. All lines perfectly aligned first time consigned to paper. No hesitation, … Continue reading

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Wing Waltz

  for Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Love http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/ Wing Waltz Remember the eagles, how each year, they court one another, rising slowly together, on air currents circling to unheard music. Wing tips almost touching, barely brushing past each … Continue reading

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Christmas Bells

  My Christmas gift to each of you. Click on image to enlarge and read. May your Holidays be blessed.

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