For NaPoWriMo poetry prompt #8: Day 8

meaning, hurl, rattle, listener, pluck
taut, clenched, music, tender, unique



deepest meanings from everyday moments.
Duck a clenched fist.
Tuck tenderness deep down inside.

Be that lucky listener
sucking in joy of magic
found in unique music.

Shuck taut rattle of constant
misdirection and buck
any establishment that hurls
a truck load of rules
that will keep you stuck
forever, plucked like a chicken
of all of its feathers.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/8/14

Notes: Along with the wordle prompts I have been offering at 1sojournal, I have also posted a few tips each day, suggestions for getting through this madcap month of words and poems. Today’s tip was to pick one of the words and use it for a title. Then sit back and listen to where the word might want to take you. I did that, and found a whole lot of fun and a bit of magic as several of the other tips I had made, and all of the words came along for the ride.

Image is an acrylic painting done by a friend and gifted to me.


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4 Responses to Pluck

  1. I LOVE this poem. I am needing an extra helping of pluck these days! So this resonates.


  2. Mary says:

    I really like the second stanza, Elizabeth. We do need to suck in that joy of magic each day of our lives.

    Thank you Mary. That’s one of the reasons I so enjoy writing poetry. It is a world of magic and music.



  3. Stuck forever, like a chicken plucked of its feathers…. I can’t think of much worse than that! I agree with Mary. Joy. Find it, feed on it, spread it.

    And by doing so, find ones own pluck and courage to continue. Thanks Brenda,



  4. julespaige says:

    I also used the same word as part of my title… great minds? Anyway I enjoyed the romp of familiar sounding rhyme words and the soft message of hope lingering within.

    One way to get around the madness of this month is to combine prompts 🙂

    I haven’t quite gotten the knack of leaving the correct address with the icon (or the short link thingy) – my offering to your list plus is here (though I did leave the link at your word list post):


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