For NaPoWriMo poetry prompt 9: Day 9

meaning, hurl, rattle, listener, pluck
taut, clenched, music, tender, unique



lose their meaning as they hurl
past, like debris on roadside, leaves
under trees, snow piled in winter,
and early morning fog.

Some rattle with rough sharp
edges of wish to forget, while
listener flips through snapshot
memories in cardboard boxes.

Pluck emotions from thinned air
taut with clenched lips hiding
wishes for might have been
music once tender with unique

meaning. So many days,
so much time to remember.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/9/14

Note: Image is a manipulated photograph.


About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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4 Responses to Days

  1. Nanamaxtwo says:

    Thanks for attaching your blog to PAD poem. You are a gifted writer with an eye for visual emotions. May I question your use of “hurl”? This verb usually acts on something rather than moves on its own. Taut with clenched lips is perfect and visceral.

    Thanks for asking about the word usage. I am 68 today. When one has that many days of memory to explore, time itself becomes the object doing the action of hurling days, especially those from the past. Those days pile up like debris on the roadside etc. But, also become the object hurling emotions at the individual doing the remembering. The last line acts as a reflexive, where so much time brings the reader back to the title of days hurling past. The dictionary says that the word may also describe the action, movement. Hope that helps and thank you so much for visiting and for the question. And especially for the “gifted” comment. I’ve been writing poetry for thirty years, have even taught it, but that kind of praise is always warmly welcomed.



  2. Oh my friend, happy birthday! I will reach 68 in July…….I so resonate with your poem – so many days, so many memories……….so tired, some days.

    And I resonate with the tired, lol. It’s been a good day. Thank you Sherry,



  3. michael says:

    happy birthday to you … he sings like Snoopy … may you feel as blessed as your gift for words so often makes us feel. And just for the sake of sharing, one of my fav ponderings is why do we remember? Wouldn’t we just be better off forgetting? LOL

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Michael. As far as your pondering question: which would you like, the short version or the 150 page dissertation? Lol,



  4. so many days…so much debris… your words help me sift through it… not only here but at undercaws, too. You are a gift to me birthday girl. Thank you for being my invisible Internet poet friend. I will now blow out the candle on an invisible cupcake for you, and enjoy every bite. Happy Birthday!

    So glad the cupcake is invisible. My siblings took me out for dinner and I was presented with the hugest slice of demonic chocolate cake ever. Of course, the waitress brought extra forks. We passed it around the table three times and still had enough left over to bring home for my daughter. And about being a gift, I hope you know I feel the same about you.



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