Sparking Pandemonium

For We Write Poems: We Wordle #3

wewordle #3

Sparking Pandemonium

At midnight, underground coin fractured
into illusory topaz bursts of electricity, emitting
shrill tones like that of swan calling
for lost mate.

As moon ebbed, throng of strangers tipped scales
of burning desire to give clear signals of acceptance,
one to another, kindling acts of kindness in faint
but fluttering hearts.

When lithe lapis-blue haze escaped, baroque-like
assembly of lyrical would-be-goddesses roared
through once closed closet door of questionable fame,
sharing jokes about leaping fire while holding breath.

Hysterically humorous words, like rapidly
rushing water, brushed up against, swamped,
then toppled, loosely shelved
pedantic behavior.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/21/14

Notes: Used all of the words, some in questionable ways.

List of Contributors and their words:

midnight, underground, coin (Annell)
fractured, illusory, topaz (Jules Paige)
electricity, tones, swan (Robyn Greenhouse)
moon, ebb, throng (Debi Swim)
scales, burn, give (Barbara)
fluttering, kindling, signals (Elizabeth)
lithe, lapis, haze (Nicole)
baroque, lyricism, goddesses (Irene)
roaring, fame, closet (Marian Veverka)
joke, fire, leaping (Sara, Purple in Portland)
breath, words, water (Ms. Pie)
brush, shelf, pedantic (Misky)

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6 Responses to Sparking Pandemonium

  1. Hard to use them all… I really like the ending stanza!


  2. I think “kindling acts of kindness ” would make a great bumper sticker – Kindle acts of kindness today! “Hysterically humorous words” – these words do come at you like rapidly rushing water, don’t they?


  3. A spectacular write! I especially love the jumping the flames part. I attended a solstice ritual once where local witches just did that. I didnt attempt it, afraid I would trip and fall in the fire. Oh me of little faith!


  4. So many threads are started in this poem – I wanted to follow all of them….


  5. Hi Elizabeth, I wanted to “stop by” to thank you so much for your comment. You made my day yesterday with your encouragement and I smiled each time I thought of it today. Thank you.


  6. Not only is the poem itself an instance of sparkling pandemonium, the scene you describe therein is sparkling pandemonium. It sounds like a New Year’s Eve party, crunk and outrageously insane, amped up about a million degrees. But no one gets hurts — that’s the nice part.



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