The Gift

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #184

twine, conjure, nest, carry, spirits, bend,
through, curl, trinkets, neglect, cap, back, sigh

And Poets United: Poetry Pantry #145

Indigo Owl

The Gift

Feathers are symbols of truth
light enough not to be a burden
strong enough to carry beating life

large bird nest
where twining twigs bend
over and through one another.

lone feather,
fragile treasure hoard
of ancient spiritual guides.

grasps feather,
carries it back home,
gift, never to be neglected.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/19/14

Notes: Used all of the words except trinkets, which I replaced with treasure. The poetic form (times three) is the Fibonacci poem. It is syllabic and is counted thus:

1 syllable for first line
1 syllable for second line
2 syllables for third
3 syllables for fourth
5 syllables for fifth
8 syllables for sixth

Image is a one of the first digital paintings I did several years ago. A friend helped get the bird correctly.

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33 Responses to The Gift

  1. Love the almost mystical nature of this,


  2. brian miller says:

    i am all for capturing those little treasures along the way like a found feather…and it is def interesting to ponder where it might have come from as well…i like the feather as the treasure of the spiritual guide as well…


  3. alan1704 says:

    Very spiritual and enchanting, lots to set the heart on fire


  4. Misky says:

    This is marvellous. A completely different approach than I took, and I love that. These wordles push buttons differently for everyone!


  5. Jae Rose says:

    I love the shape..small but mighty like a word feather..wonderful image also..the red cap stood out as well in this monochrome landscape..maybe we can see you picking up that magical feather? 🙂

    Jae, I stopped responding to the comments here for lack of energy. However, your comment hit several buttons belonging to the writing of this poem. First of all, I am an Aries (fire sign), and for me red has ever been the symbol of creative fire (see the previous post). For lack of a more articulated philosophy, for years I have told people that I follow the signs and symbols around me. My totem is the hawk. Hawk is considered a spiritual messenger because she spends so much time moving between heaven and earth and her main message is to “remember who you truly are.”
    This poem was an attempt to honor an experience from over twenty years ago. One I hold especially close to heart and soul. I was out driving on back country roads when I turned a corner and spotted a huge hawk perched atop an old wooden telephone pole. I pulled the car onto the shoulder across from the pole and rolled down my window. Then started speaking softly to the hawk. She kept cocking her head, while staring straight back at me. I told her how much I wished I could speak her language and thanked her for the gift of her beautiful fierce presence. When I stopped speaking, she stepped off her perch and glided down to the grassy shoulder directly in front of my vehicle. Then started slowly walking in a circle, stopping to turn around, peer over her shoulder at me, and then reverse the circle. She did that three times before lifting off and circling above me in an ever widening path before disappearing from sight.
    When I got out of the car to walk over to where she had paced out the circle, there at its very center was a large feather. I picked it up and slowly walked back to my car, lost in amazement. You see, it wasn’t a hawk feather. It was that of a crow. Crows are a symbol of higher law. Spiritual law that is above that of both earth and man.
    That was the beginning of the most significant changes in my life. I was managing a bookstore at the time, and sending out poetry in hopes of being published. One of those poems was accepted and published in an anthology that was later nominated for a Grammy Award in the Spoken Word category. My poem anchored the anthology and was read by Ed Asner, when the book was put into cassette tape form. That in turn led to me teaching credited courses at the University from which I graduated until I was permanently retired on disability.
    I have always wanted to honor that moment and these particular wordle words offered that opportunity. By the way, I wasn’t alone when I received the hawk’s gift. The person who was with me was the same one who helped get the bird into that image. The color blue is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
    Thanks so much for your comment Jae,



  6. Your digital painting is beautiful – love how the sky looks! So impressed how you added a form challenge to your poem! I like how you describe feather’s gift from different perspectives.


  7. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Would that the gifts I have—and you have—received would never be neglected!

    Catching Sunrise, Carrying Light


  8. Kenia Cris says:

    Read outloud, a mystical chant. ❤


  9. Laurie Kolp says:

    I especially like the last one… & I found trinkets difficult, too. I love your clever idea of replacing it with treasure.


  10. julespaige says:

    Yes, I like that a mystical chant…I have feathers from the birds in my yard.
    I think I will look at them slightly differently now – they were always treasures…

    My tanka went a tad dark:


  11. Wonderful! Loved it!


  12. loved the mystical rhythm of this poem and the painting is an excellent piece…


  13. Jack says:

    I imagined following a wind-blown feather to guide me on a journey (“ancient spiritual guides”).


  14. WabiSabi says:

    This is such a beautiful word journey! Thank you for taking me along. I am bookmarking this to return when I need nourishment! 🙂


  15. I love your opening stanza…….and the idea of feather as gift. When I lived in Tofino, I wanted an eagle feather, but knew I could not just “get” one, it had to be gifted to me. And one was……..then Pup ate it!! the universe gives, the universe takes away. Loved this, Elizabeth.


  16. thoughts220 says:

    You’ve developed the feather motif quite efficiently here, associating it with so many different things. Great work with the structure too. Keep it up!


  17. Stormcat says:

    I thought it was an owl but then I was thrown by the referenced to a red feather and thought red tailed hawk. Then I realized the red must be symbolic and perhaps refers to the blood of the prey. In any case it was my pleasure to read.


  18. Your image is gorgeous, and the words enhance it. Lovely work, Elizabeth. Thanks for a reminder of form.


  19. Gillena Cox says:

    haven’t seen this form in quite a while; you have crafted your words so well; have a nice Sunday

    much love…


  20. Thank you Elizabeth for your response to Jae–I am so touched by your piece and by your response—this was a gift to us all


  21. oldegg says:

    Who hasn’t bent down and picked up a feather? I suppose it is a symbol of what man cannot do, a feat beyond him, he can run, he can climb, he can swim like a fish but flying by himself is beyond him. No wonder we pick up the feather of a soaring bird and are envious.


  22. Mary says:

    Wow – wonderful fibonacci wordle. I love the symbolism of the feather.


  23. Irene says:

    Enjoyed the fibonacci. Makes me want to try one.


  24. Irene says:

    The progression is excellent I should add.


  25. Ankita says:

    You brought your beautiful painting to life with your amazing write. 🙂


  26. poetrypea says:

    Loved the composition and then I read your comment to Jaerose, amazing, and gives me a bit more determination to follow my hearts desire.


  27. Kim Nelson says:

    A long-time fan of the fibonacci form, I really appreciate this triad. And the explanation you offer in the comments section is as touching as the piece itself. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!


  28. jae rose says:

    Elizabeth – thank you so much for sharing the backstory to this piece. I am glad you heard what was being sent to you..I didn’t know that about crows. It takes a lot of courage to choose the right path. Maybe harder than staying in the car keeping going as is.. Thank you and best wishes and much respect back to you for your choices and achievements x


  29. Sabra Bowers says:

    I like your painting and your poem. When I find a feather, it does feel like a treasured gift.


  30. Francis says:

    full of creativity, words are crafted meticulously


  31. annell4 says:

    I came back, and wanted to share that I have also always thought of feathers as gifts. I knew they came from birds and were spiritual messages, maybe I thought it was telling me I was on the right path. I live in Taos, high mountain desert, in Northern New Mexico. One day I was down town and was drawn to the yard beside the church right in the middle of town and found a beautiful colorful feather, most unusual, certainly not a native bird? Sherry spoke of her desire for an eagle feather, she got one, and then it was gone. The same with my colorful feather, but I shall not forget it. I have never found a red feather here, or anywhere. I don’t think I have even seen a red bird here. I do remember one day, being at the bridge over the gorge, and my friend, Gary came to me and handed me a large black crow feather, I knew it was a special thing, a special moment. You are also a special feather to me, thank you for the Gift.


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