For Musical Notes: Prompt #3


The only barrier
love and hate

is the smoke
their passionate fire

Elizabeth Crawford  8/23/12

Inspiration is Leonard Cohen’s Joan of Arc
Preformed by Jennifer Warnes and Leonard Cohen

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6 Responses to Smoke

  1. Beautiful, and makes one think, Elizabeth.

    The album the song comes from is titled “Songs of Love and Hate.” I’ve been haunted by this song from the first moment I heard it. There are both elements clearly defined in the story of Joan of Arc. I learned her story in parochial grade school and it fascinated me throughout my life. Guess it all culminated here.



  2. I love this!!

    Thank you Annell, I’m glad that you do.



  3. angie werren says:

    love the image of smoke as a barrier.

    Smoke gets to the eyes, makes them water, and blurs vision. I believe both love and hate can blind the holder of either one.



  4. pmwanken says:

    I loved the prompt, Elizabeth. What a great song! I’ve always known of Joan of Arc and a bit of the story…but after listening to the song on Tuesday (the first I’d heard it!), I read up on Joan. I watched the YouTube clip several times after that…each time, the depth of the words sank a bit deeper.

    Your response — focusing on the smoke — is great!

    Thank you Paula, the song has been special to me since the first time I heard it on a friend’s stereo and made him replay it for about a half hour while I sat frozen listening. I actually did two other responses before settling on this one. Maybe the song holds too much meaning for me, lol. However, I kept going back to the title of the album where it came from and the smoke became what I fixed on. I’m glad for the outcome,



  5. Ella says:

    So much said in these words~ The fine lines and how we tighten n’ blur them…
    Wow…great response to the prompt!

    Thank you Ella, good to see you here. This song always takes me to surprising places and the refrain lingers long afterward.



  6. ladynimue says:

    elegant 🙂
    Words to remember and ponder ..

    Thank you for the elegant, although I find this particular song the same, even with its simple words and story, it goes beyond both to a much deeper place for me. I was unsure when I chose it, I’m very glad now that I did.



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