April PAD Challenge: Day 5

April is national poetry month, and is celebrated by a Poem A Day challenge to anyone who loves poetry. I am busy teaching an online class, but will attempt to offer something each day, through the month. Simple short verses, no particular form, but want to stick to the theme of inspiration, especially that of other poets, and writers. Please join me if you like, and leave your URL in the comment sections below. I will try to visit, read, and comment. The theme is simply my choice, and does not have to be yours.

Why Do It?

My books blow a kiss from the shelf,
feel that gentle whisper on my brow,
when I enter central heartbeat of my home.
Leather arms reach to embrace
and accept my old woman’s bones.
Slowly drift into this Universe of words,
where possibilities are endless, and
memory, no more than fragile map
of weathered seams too many times
folded and unfolded.

Dry desert of treasures waiting to be dug
up, delicately brushed clean, polished
to warm glow in slow adventure of discovery.
Another story to be told, dropped into ear
of restless reader, perhaps no more than a blink
in eye of unknown beholder.

“So, why do it?” I’ve been asked more than once.
Could well be, that I am still looking for that part
of me, I believe might hold the answer.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/5/2017

Footnotes: First line, in italics, is from Jae Rose’s poem Map, which may be found here:

Bookshelves line three walls of my home office. Jae Rose’s words always send me on a flight of thought with their rich use of simple language, often peppered with symbolism, honesty, and wisdom (I’m fairly sure she would deny). This particular line had me thinking about this room where I write and work. I’m retired, so why do it? There is no one simple answer, there are thousands of them. And, should I ever take the time to try and list them, would anyone, except another poet or writer, even come close to understanding?

Image is a kaleidoscope developed from a photograph. I chose it because it has always seemed a treasure to me.





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