Mythopoesis 1 – What Mama Says

For Napowrimo day 1


What Mama Says

Mama, what is myth?


What kind of story?

A story about life,
about living.

Who tells the story, Mama?

 Anyone can tell the story.

Is there only one story?

No child. There are many,
too many to count.

Why are there so many?

Because there are so many
people. Each one a story
unfolding. And story seems
to beget more story, and so it
goes, on and on.

What does it mean, to beget?

To give birth to something,
give it life, breath. To create it.
To make something where nothing
had been before.

Like you and daddy made me?

Yes, exactly.

Does that mean that I am
a story, a myth?

Yes, you are a story unfolding,
a myth in the making.

Who will tell my story,
make my myth?

That depends on you, little one.

But Mama, I don’t know
how to unfold a story,
how to make a myth.

You will learn as you live it.
The seed is there, inside of you.

What kind of seed?

A Creativity seed, planted
in the darkness before you
were born. Everyone is given
such seed. It is planted in our
soul to help us find health
and wholeness.

Who planted it, Mama,
and should I feel it
growing inside me?

Who planted it depends
on the story you choose
to believe and use to guide
you through the life you alone
are living. Some say it is God,
others would say the Universe,
while still more might say
it is simply the nature
within us. There are many
answers to your question,
just as there are many myths,
many stories.

But how do I know
that it is growing?

That is the easiest answer of all.
Each time you ask a question
and listen for an answer, you are
nurturing that seed, feeding it
what it needs to grow, to flourish.

But, I have so many questions.

Yes, I know, but now it’s time
to climb into my lap, let me
sing you a song while you go
to sleep and dream of seeds
and even more questions.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/1/15

Notes: Have been without a computer since last Wednesday. This is a new one and proving to be more than a bit of a challenge. But, I so want to take part in Napowrimo, that I’m willing to put up with the frustration. As you can see, I’m going to attempt to make myth or mythos, during the month of April. Wish me luck. The image is a zen doodle.

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6 Responses to Mythopoesis 1 – What Mama Says

  1. Rob McShane says:

    Love this! So well constructed – flows! And so real! Thanks for sharing this – I look forward to more! 🙂

    Thank you Rob. I am obviously winging this one and simply hoping I didn’t use it all up the first time around. We can only wait and see.



  2. Susan says:

    I would love to see this illustrated and published as a children’s book!

    Thank you Susan. I had similar thoughts even as I was writing it. It always amazes me how these seem to fall into place. They are often more of a stream of consciousness experience than anything else.



  3. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh Elizabeth! You are issuing yourself a big challenge, creating myth during NaPoWriMo and I so respect you for it. I love this poem very much. A child would be lucky to be given such an inspiring explanation. I am eagerly looking forward to reading a myth from you every morning in April. Yippee! Good luck with the new technology. I know how tricky that is. I even approach new REMOTES with fear and loathing, LOL.

    Oh Sherry, I know I am, but have been so frustrated this past week that I needed something really big to satisfy all that restlessness. It might be my undoing, but then we can only hope for the better. Thanks for the support and encouragement,



  4. I love this piece, Elizabeth, and will revisit it. Conversation is a great route to express story. I’m giving NaPo a try myself this month, after quieting my writer’s voice for a spell. It will be good to reconnect with mythopoetic you. 🙂

    Oh Brenda, how good it is to see you. And I’m glad you like the mythopoetic me, lol. My ‘new’ computer has been crap today. I’m only hoping I can post tomorrow. I do look forward to connecting with you as well. You always make me remember Montana and how I fell in love with a place as never before,



  5. Pamela says:

    I too, love this. The two voices are so perfect for this. I shall continue reading your myths this month. You are off to a great start, my friend.

    Pamela ox

    Pamela, I thought you were going to try NaPo? I went to your site and didn’t find a current post. Are you doing it elsewhere? Glad you enjoyed and hope to see some poetry from you,



  6. annell4 says:

    The sketches are very beautiful!


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