Mythopoesis 2 – Dream

For NaPoWriMo – Day 2

3-21-2015 4;33;56 PM


Crying, the child calls:

Mama, Mama! Wake up!
I’m scared.

What is it child,
what has frightened you so?

I had a dream,
a really, really bad dream.

I am here now, come
curl beside me, tell me
of this dream.

Looking around frantically:
No! I don’t want to talk
about it. I’m so scared.

You had a nightmare?

What is a nightmare?

It’s a very frightening dream,
and the scarey feelings remain
even after you awake
and your eyes are open.

Holding on tightly:

Yes, Mama, that’s how
it is. Why is it called
a nightmare?

Perhaps because it’s like
riding a galloping horse
through the darkest night,
unable to see where you
are going, or to know
how it all will end.

Have you ever had
a nightmare, Mama?

Yes, many times. Not so
much anymore.

Were you as scared
as I am?

Yes, sometimes even more.

What did you do?

Just like you, I tried
to find a safe place.

Did you run to your
Mama? To Daddy?

Yes, when I could,
but most of the time
I was alone.

Oh, Mama, what did
you do?

Like you, I cried,
but then I decided to make
a safe place inside of me. A place
where no one else could come
unless I let them.

Where inside of you?

Well, it is really inside my head,
in my imagination. Placing her
hand gently, fingertips between
her breasts, she continues:

but I think of it as here,
where I can feel my heart
beating and know I am not
so alone.

Mama? Can you teach me
how to make a safe place
inside of me?

Yes, I can, but right now
you need to go back to sleep.
To rest. Nestle here
beside me and we will
sleep together.

Will the galloping horse
come back?

It might, but I’ll be
right here with my arms
around you.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/2/15 copyrighted material

Notes: This computer will be going back this morning, and hopefully I will have a better replacement by this evening. The image is another zen doodle. At first, I found another image (a digital painting), while looking through my media files, here on my site. I was shocked to see what appeared to be a rather scarey horse, galloping through its shadows. My daughter said she couldn’t see it, so I decided to go with the doodle instead. Am putting that first image here and would like to know if you see the horse. Just click on it to enlarge it.

Divided Heart 2

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4 Responses to Mythopoesis 2 – Dream

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    YES! I see the horse. And I LOVE this conversation between mother and child. I can see a book of these poems by month’s-end, Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!! Such a wise and loving mother. I wish someone had taught me to find a safe place within back then, would have helped.

    Thanks Sherry. So glad you can see the horse. It’s about one third of the way from the left edge of the image which is just a part of the process I used to get to the final painting. And yes, I can also see a book, or maybe a part of a book about making myths, lol. Although I began to build that safe place within when I was a teenager, I didn’t know that was what I was doing until I was in my thirties. That’s when that safe place became very defined and turned into my Personal Mythology. Some of us just take a bit longer than others. This is a myth, but like all myths, it holds nuggets of my own experience and truths.



  2. This is beautiful, Elizabeth. Your mother is filled with wisdom and compassion. Your description of a nightmare is spot on, although I always embrace mine. My frightening dreams fascinate me–they did even when I was young. I’d wake up and run to my mother excited and enthused about the giant gorilla terrorizing our town. haha! Thank you for bringing those moments back to me. I’m excited to watch April unfold through your stories.

    Thanks so much Brenda for finding beauty in my words. I agree, about the Mother, I believe she is the one we all wish and dream about, don’t you? That makes her mythic, I guess. I did a lot of reading and studying on dreams and dream work because I had repetitive nightmares through much of my life. I found ways of dealing with my nightmares, resolving them, and finally freeing myself from them. I still have an occasional nightmare, but now I know how to calm myself and then explore the meanings behind the vivid imagery. Secret? It was just such a nightmare image that prompted me to begin this series of poetic myth-making. Now you know my secret, lol, stick around, there might be more.



  3. Pamela says:

    I really love what you are doing with these myths so far, Elizabeth. I still have horrible nightmares as I did when I was a child. Yes, I see the horse.


    Pamela, good to know I’m not the only one who sees the horse. I do intend to include some ways to unravel that content, just not sure how yet, but it will come. Hope you can hang in there til I do. Because I know how it feels to be haunted by night terrors, I feel strongly for anyone who has to live with that reality. Will you be posting any time soon? I’d like to return the visit,



  4. aloha Elizabeth. i like the beauty and wisdom in this relationship poem.

    and yes. i see a number of creatures looming out in the image. facing to the left. one of them is definitely a horse. a dark horse.

    aloha. rick

    Thanks Rick, and yes, now that I’ve really looked at it a few times, I see much more, including a woman with her eyes closed. That might be me, lol. Interestingly enough, the left side of the brain is where language resides, as well as logic function. There is always so much to take in,



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