Dabbling Gambol

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #171

dabble, thrill, whack, hallowed, blasts, stained,
hunt, unfolds, shallow, center, skill, reveal

And For Poets United: Poetry Pantry #211


 Dabbling Gambol

While the babbling rabble
scramble to hunt down
whatever stains their shallow
sense of that which is hallowed,
blasting their wacky beliefs
at innocent bystanders only
to reveal their own ignorance,

she, with minimum skill, thrills

to stillness at center of being


as she dabbles with scrambling colors


to reveal exquisite rambling hues


of ever-unfolding beauty.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/27/14

Notes: Hell of a run on sentence, yes? Had a load of fun with the words this week. The word dabble really caught my fancy and I started trying out different sound a-likes for it. That led to this, which is true of the past week. Have been reading a great deal of violent rhetoric on FB and decided my response to that would be to post beautiful kaleidoscope images each day, using photos my niece took in her backyard garden. Used all of the words, but changed whack to wacky.  The first image here, is one I used from a FB friend (she was pleased with the outcome). She’d been using it as her profile pic. The rest of the images came from that same image when put through the kaleidoscope app.

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22 Responses to Dabbling Gambol

  1. I really like this, such an accurate portrayal, there’s always a babbling rabble ready to go off on something isn’t there? 🙂


  2. oldegg says:

    I seem to make sense of my own life by witnessing the babbling rabble. Beauty is all around us and what a delight it is to be part of it as you have done here.


  3. It’s lovely that your personal passion for playing with pictures fitted the wordle words so perfectly.


  4. jae rose says:

    As a person who rarely dabbles in punctuation..i loved this fine sentence…and the images…filled me to my toes..


  5. I had to pause for a breath half way through…but I got there!


  6. alan1704 says:

    This works and the pictures certainly tell the story, nicely done.


  7. Mary says:

    I can see you had fun with this, Elizabeth. I think your ‘dabbling’ with color produces an exemplary presentation of words and forms!


  8. Sumana Roy says:

    words here are enjoying each others company and entertaining us….a delightful read…


  9. very nice.
    Loved the pics to go with your beautiful words.


  10. Wow, after reading the person before you’s master jack which is the same with your poem in terms of prompt, I just marvel at your talent as well. The pictures of the flowers are pretty. Bravo!!!


  11. Just love never ending sentences and yours is a perfect of one which works yet doesn’t confuse! Like that a lot.


  12. G L Meisner says:

    I like it. It worked very well with the pictures accenting the lines.


  13. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Thrilling to stillness is almost a lost art these days. Hand me my iPhone, please!

    My Whirl: “Places”


  14. thrilling to stillness is my religion…all other religion i have little use for. I love playing with the kaleidoscope app too.


  15. What a pleasure this post is – the glorious images, the poet turning to the stillness at her center and the process notes. Wisdom and beauty, from first to last. Thank you, my friend, And I hear you, about Facebook.


  16. scotthastiepoet says:

    A pretty dazzle of a read for Sunday Elizabeth – thank you…


  17. Andrew Geary says:

    This was a fun read. Great music and use of the words.


  18. I tried to download a kalaidoscope app, but couldn’t make it work. Would it be a nuisance for you to send me a link to the softwareyou use to produce these marvellous pictures?


  19. arushiahuja says:

    the poem reads as one sentence.. the form is indeed lovely and the tongue almost rolls onto the next word!! lovely!!


  20. Artfully written… I LOVE the kaleidoscopic images! Feel free to link up with I Heart Macro too:-)


  21. annell4 says:

    This was fun all the way through! Images were lovely.


  22. I like the way you’ve rambled!


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