Two For One

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #172

irritation, sound, disclose, bliss, last, signal,
appetite, sun, flamboyant, jumbled, point, tire

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With a seeming appetite for irritation,
he discloses most recent occurrence for
flamboyant, often overdone agitation.
Someone else is always to blame.

Ignoring polite social signals, he finds bliss
in proclaiming missteps in colleagues’ behavior,
super quick to point a finger, raising sound
of his voice above surrounding chatter.

With grumbling need, must always have last
word. Never tires of explaining how the sun
is a dying star, and that means nothing is of real
importance in this jaded, jumbled, tumbled world.

Zentangle Mandala #10 8-12-09 4

That Time of Year Again

Flamboyant bliss is never found
in filling out forms. Voiceless,
without a sound, they signal certain
jumbled blank void, pointing toward
hidden place in primitive brain stem.

Upon first appearance they swiftly
move past irritation, disclosing
dark and numbing fear. Having no
appetite for their silent intimidation,
quickly grow exceedingly tired,

yearning for rest and bright sunlight.

Elizabeth Crawford 8/3/14

Notes: The first thing these words brought to mind was the TV character Dr. House (have been watching back episodes on Netflix). They wouldn’t let go until I wrote the first piece.
Did that, but then they spoke to another very real issue: my phobia about filling out forms. My daughter, who comes alongside to help, says that I am normally an intelligent and articulate woman, but faced with an empty form to fill out, I become something else…I believe she mentioned drooling…lol.

First image is from the internet. Second one is how my brain feels when faced with a form that needs information and answers. It began as a pen and ink doodle but was altered digitally by a distortion app.


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9 Responses to Two For One

  1. jae rose says:

    I like House – he tells it as it is.. to others…but not as it is to himself..flawed and addicted for sure..and ow brain would look like that too..maybe picture them as medical charts that need to be filled in! Good luck and a fine Sunday to you


  2. oldegg says:

    It is not only forms that irritate it is also questionnaires (sometimes political) where you are asked to favor options none of which reflects your views or wishes only theirs.


  3. annell4 says:

    I don’t like forms but really enjoyed your poems! The brain isn’t always that familiar friend we used to know.


  4. rosross says:

    So much story with so few words.


  5. I hate to be organised,so forms for me are a nightmare! How is Hugh Laurie’s accent in House? I’m used to him being ever so British as he was in Jeeves and Wooster!


  6. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    You know, I hate filling out forms too! 😉

    This Whirling Madness


  7. Really good character sketch of House. As for forms…ugh. I’ve got one I’ve been putting off. Maybe tomorrow.


  8. Cathy says:

    Great poem about the cranky House, I watch one of his show, wanted to take his and whack him alongside his head. 🙂 Not fond of filling out forms either, due to bad ahndwriting


  9. I’m not a fan of House or filing out forms but I love your poems.


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