Firefly Transformation

For We Write Poems: We Wordle #5

we wordle #5


Firefly Transformation

Incandescent ribbons of fireflies hemmed the patio/porch
with a certain queerly wild tinkling. Not quite heard,
yet with enough substance to make a tired grandmother’s
heart jump in foolish child-like joy.

Finally relieving heavy crescent of formidable pain
that had slung around and crowned her head since early
morning when full rain had fallen in thrumming cascade
on whatever thirsty green might be in need of growing.

Thoughts, without rhyme or reason, began an elephant
parade…roped together, trunk to tail…replacing former soreness.
Sliver of sweet succulent persimmon obediently followed herbal
smell of patchouli pretending to plod through just watched sunset.

With grateful smile, she rose slowly to go inside and begin typing.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/3/14

Notes: The grandmother here could easily be me. Started last week with a great deal of pain, relieved by more pharmaceuticals than those swallowed in the last year. Meanwhile, I have written and typed up more poetry than I have in months and most of those poems were followed by notes which included musical selections as part of the inspiration for their creation. When I looked at this current list of words and saw the word fireflies, I  just started laughing, my mind filling with images from the video I used for motivation two poems back, and had written the day before yesterday. But, I didn’t want to repeat myself, so went in search of another song that suits both my thoughts and feelings about creativity as a healing element built into the human psyche and the change that is its consequence. Watch carefully. Near the end of the video there is a ribbon of incandescent fireflies and the words to this song are a parade of elephants tied together…trunk to tail. Laughter is also good medicine.

Image is a photograph of a bonfire taken last summer, and digitally manipulated with kaleidoscope app. I managed to use all of the words.

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8 Responses to Firefly Transformation

  1. Misky says:

    Well done for using all the words! I think I was missing two. And by the way, I love your kaleidoscope images!


  2. Irene says:

    Evidence that thought is so powerful in uplifting us, Elizabeth.


  3. I love “on whatever thirsty green might be in need of growing”…..and, especially, “Sliver of sweet succulent persimmon obediently followed herbal
    smell of patchouli pretending to plod through just watched sunset.”
    You are on fire these days, my friend!


  4. Loved listening to a little REM tonight – thanks! I think an elephant parade would be much better than any soreness! Hope you keep feeling better.


  5. annell4 says:

    Loved the image of the elephant parade and the fireflies. Wonderful!


  6. You really brought these words in effectively and in an everyday sort of way that is easy to connect with. I sure hope your head is feeling better…This, ” heavy crescent of formidable pain
    that had slung around and crowned her head,” such a great description for pain…well done, Elizabeth. 🙂


  7. Yes, Michael Stipe strung those words together like elephants, didn’t he? (The video evidently has been blocked on YouTube but as R.E.M. is one of my favorite bands and I have nearly encyclopedic knowledge of their entire discography, I remember the words. And you strung these words together in a very lovely way. I don’t wish anyone pain but perhaps the aching is due to the words needing to get out…*shrug*


    Nicole, just went and checked and video is still working on this end. I love the song because of all the wonderful wordplay within its wisdom. The aching is not in my head, it comes from a spinal disc that has slipped far from its original position (has been slowly doing so for years) and may now require surgery, something I have feared for most of my existence. And yet, I agree with you about the ache that occurs when the words are not released in a timely and regular fashion. Thanks for your thoughtful and enjoyable comments.



  8. julespaige says:

    I am a tad behind on visits. I do so appreciate yours. Glad you like my Toad story. I have a bit of a relief today as Nana has taken over some ‘grandmotherly’ duties. So I’m attempting to catch up on a few other things….

    I have always liked fireflies and thought they were all over. But was surprised to find some folks that have never seen them at all. I love it when my back yard is filled with them – it is as if the stars have come to visit.

    Be well, Jules


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