Tipping The Turtle

For Creativity Challenge Day 36: Invigorate

A5RKXR Upside down tortoise

Tipping The Turtle

Enervated by too much
Holiday. Mind wants
to flutter and flit around,
stirring up images like
a spoon moving through
thick soup.

Finding it difficult to get
from there to here: this
present moment. Like
a turtle flipped on its
back, unable to right
itself, move forward.

Need an injection of energy,
something to invigorate
my blood stream, instead
of the slow sludge it has
become, willing only to
ooze slowly, or not at all.

Then remember the promises
made, to a world held captive
by fear, tied to a reality
of possibilities of darkened
distress. Pressed from all

And so I begin, forming words,
sorting thoughts, finding a path
that can be followed. Tipping
turtle back on its feet, tapping
its shell to keep it moving
toward beckoning light and safety.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/26/2016

Notes: I’m the one who chooses these words each day. Thought this was a good one, until I got up this morning and was completely blank. Then Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath came into my head. The turtle in the third chapter, moving slowly toward some unknown destination. Like the Joad family, all their possessions piled in that old truck, in search of an unknowable future. In the movie, perhaps for Artistic flair, the truck and the turtle make contact on the highway heading west. The turtle is flipped on its back and slides to the side of the road, a very dangerous reality for the turtle. Having once helped a turtle out of that same situation, the words began to form and I was once again able to move forward. In one Native American Creation story, it is the turtle who comes to the rescue of the Sky Woman who fell from the heavens and rubs mud on the turtle’s back to create the North American continent, otherwise known as Turtle Island.







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Holiday Greetings





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One Gift

For Creativity Challenge Day 34: Gift

MG 4+1

One Gift

I had
only one gift
to give to the world
in this moment
of time,
it would be

Elizabeth Crawford 12/24/2016


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For Creativity Challenge Day 33: Public

breakers-at-midnight-stars 2


Soon to be leader,
tweets about building
up nuclear arsenal.

Raising level
of public fear
and disquiet.

Will the public
realize that creating
fear is only done

by that one
who might gain
from it?

Elizabeth Crawford 12/23/2016


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Love With A Capital L

For Creativity Challenge Day 32: prayer

Cute Hands

Love With A Capital L

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m afraid of the darkness that swirls around me. That seemingly is overtaking the people of this country. Tearing it apart, creating divisions that corrupt decisions that are needed to correct our trajectory.

And what trajectory would that be?

I’m not sure. Wholeness? That which binds us together, because we seem to be ripping apart at the seams. Slinging derogatory remarks, name-calling, ugly words, acts of hatred, and ignorance.

And what is ignorance?

Unknowing? Chosen or otherwise? A lack of wanting to know something different from what is known. Only a partial image, rather than the whole picture.

And what would cause this lack of wanting to know?

Fear. Fear of Other. Fear of what is different, therefore unknown.

And the hatred?

Fear magnified. Multiplied, as one fear is piled upon another, and the need to strike out becomes the only action that might diminish the fear and all those feelings it brings. Might release them.

And does striking out release them?

Yes. On some levels, but only in the moment. It satisfies that need for action, but also does lots of harm and damage to others, as well as to self.

And have you ever acted on hatred?


And do you still do so?

No. At least, I try not to.

And why do you try?

Because I learned something from those actions. As I said, the release was only temporary. Only in the moment. But, then it called for more, sort of like a promise. It was as though the hate could only feed on more hate, more hurtful actions. But, the momentary release was always only momentary. And the pain of watching myself become something I never wanted to be, lasted so much longer.

And what was it that you never wanted to be?

Someone who hurt others, found some sort of sick satisfaction in seeing the pain in their eyes, but then, was shocked to find it in my own.

And this pain taught you?

Yes. I learned about anger, how easily it can turn to hatred. Learned that it has no end, except destruction. Not just of Other, but of self.

And to what did you turn instead?

To Love, with a capital L.

And what is Love with a capital L?

Well, there is love, the ordinary everyday feelings of fondness we have for family and friends, and our spouses. Sometimes for the world itself and all the wonders it holds. Love with a capital L, is The All. The Universe and all of its differences, all of its shades from darkness to light.

And now, we have returned to that darkness you mentioned at the beginning.

Yes. Because Love with a capital L is so much harder to do than anger and hate, which only feeds on the darkness of unknowing.

And why is this Love with a capital L, so much more difficult?

Because hatred is only a diffused sort of light, blurred and fuzzy at best. It defines only what is seen, and seeks only to destroy it. While Love, with a capital L, is a glaring, but warm spotlight. It begins within, first defining one soul, and then works outward to define the soul of All.

And why does it begin with only one soul?

Because Love, with a capital L, is faith. And faith is the belief in that which
is unseen. It begins in the rich dark soil of a soul, but must be nurtured by
further acts of faith.

And what are these further acts of faith?

There are many, but it might begin with understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance.

And those things will bring light into the darkness?

Yes. Because understanding will bring knowledge to the unknown. Forgiveness will bring a letting go of anger and hatred. And acceptance will allow the Other to be brought closer into that Love with a capital L.

And are you still afraid?

Yes, a bit, but far more at peace. Thank You.

And why the thank you? (said with a smile I could hear)

(With a responding smile) Because you have helped me to remember who I really am.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/22/2016

Notes: Today’s word prompt was prayer. I started off to write a short piece, but ended up with this. For me, prayer has ever been getting quiet and centered and then, entering into conversation. I know prayer is different for every individual. With Christmas just around the corner, I would hope that everyone would take a moment to pray for our world and all who live upon it.







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Hey World

For Creativity Challenge Day 31: Breathe


Hey World,
I dare you
to smile
at the next
you meet.

Wish them well
because you can
never tell,
just how far
that gift
might travel.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/21/2016


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Soul Soothing

For Creativity Challenge Day 30: Beautiful


Have to admit, even though I knew what to expect, I was shocked.
All of the thousands of questions being asked, would go unanswered,
dismissed as the world looked on in fascinated wonder, or amusement,
or glee, or whirling confusion, fear, dismay, and a thousand other responses.

Knew I needed to find the quiet within. Nurture my soul, so my heart and mind could go on functioning. Withdrew, for an hour or two. Surrounded myself with making something beautiful: that which attracts the eyes, mind, and heart, while quietly nurturing the soul.















Soul Soothing

Gift myself
with this rainbow
of own making:

Purple of personal power,
the blue of quiet knowing.
Green of growth,
and yellow of sunshine’s
Riches of gold,
and oranges, reds
of creative fire
to warm my soul,
let me go on
in whatever
the present moment

Elizabeth Crawford 12/20/2016

Note: All of these images were made from photographs taken by me, or others, and used with permission. The photos were put through a kaleidoscope app and then fiddled with digitally to give them a finished touch.






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