For The Sunday Whirligig: Whirligig #212

tremulous, customs, wander, holds, separate, love,
forgotten, traditional, architecture, woman, city, remember



Woman alone, standing between
two separate architectures.

Doric columns of past,
remembered loves held
in cardboard boxes stacked
shoulder-high in two closets.
Black cursive ink on white covers
define suggested traditional destinations

Mind wanders to back country road,
where leaf covered branches arc to create
ever changing patterns of sunlight
and shadow in present moments. Like
old behaviors waiting to be customized after
next week’s move across this
old/new city of my birth.

Only prayer is that nothing
essential will be forgotten.

Elizabeth Crawford  6/21/15

Notes: Have been packing for a move across town next weekend. When I read the wordlist, I felt a close to perfect fit to what I have been experiencing. Filling boxes with old memories, some loved, some still questionable. At the same time, trying to comprehend what the changes will mean in routine matters and all the different new settings and surroundings. Tremulous is a good word.

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19 Responses to Tremulous

  1. oldegg says:

    You will probably take it all but finding it afterwards may be more difficult! It takes ages to recover I am afraid.


  2. Jae Rose says:

    Tremulous is a good word but those inner doric columns are strong..when it gets to the stage where things are boxed up and ‘ready to go’ it almost changes to an internal shift or moving…i sensed that here..very good to see you whirling and the very best of luck with your move (also loved the illustration – full of flowers and growth)


  3. annell4 says:

    Each move is an opportunity, even if it comes at an inconvient time…timing….I loved the quote, “One step toward the path, the path appears.” Rumi Right now you don’t know the new path, but soon it will appear.


  4. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    A wonderful piece.. you have executed the words quite well in this poem 🙂


  5. Sumana Roy says:

    moving on is good but a move across town..yikes…nicely wordled as always 🙂


  6. Mary says:

    This is very reflective, Elizabeth. It is hard to know how many of those ‘doric columns’ to keep. I do know from experience that moves are good times to consolidate & dispose of. Keeping memories takes much less space than keeping boxes. I have found that, in some cases.


  7. Nonnie says:

    Luckily during my childhood, the frequent moves we made, my mom made it feel like an adventure. Thanks for sharing your anticipated move.


  8. Moving is something that is both an opportunity and something quite stressful, I’m sure you make the right choices..


  9. Sherry Marr says:

    Yes, I get the “tremulous” nature of such a journey. I wish you a speedy efficient move, and a lovely time unpacking all those memories and finding them a new space.


  10. I loved the imagery here as you move from the old to the new and unknown….I enjoy moving and getting the chance to start over or move on to the next journey.


  11. Candy says:

    This is “packed” with meaning 😉
    Nicely done!


  12. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    better to move than to turn to stone – even decorative doric columns of it. Loved this poem – may your journey be an adventure!


  13. Myrna says:

    A move always causes some amount of anxiety. Your poem captures this well. Good luck next week, but I’m sure all will work out.


  14. C.C. says:

    The last two closing lines tie it all together so beautifully.


  15. glmeisner says:

    Losing things can be rough but keeping memories is more important. Great poem.


  16. DELL CLOVER says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, Elizabeth.


  17. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    “old behaviors waiting to be customized”

    What a fabulous line!


  18. Susan says:

    “Doric columns of past,
    remembered loves held
    in cardboard boxes stacked
    shoulder-high in two closets.”

    What a contrast! I like the balance between nuanced and classic, between permanence and moveable architecture!


  19. annell4 says:

    Times passes, you have moved, and I hope you remember to take this lovely write! I know you are happier in your new digs.


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