Mythopoesis 27 – A Mentor’s Magic

For NaPoWriMo  Day 27

3-18-2015 12_16_28 AMA Mentor’s Magic

Mama! Mama! What
a wonderful day it has
been. I read my poem.
A man came out of the
forest, a traveler. He
sat to listen and really
liked my poem. Clapped
and whistled after it
was finished.

Oh, child, that sounds
very exciting.

It was, Mama. He got
up after I read it and told
us it was a Boomerang poem.
Did you know that, Mama,
that is was a Boomerang poem?

Yes, I did. Because of the
repeated lines, that kind
of poem has a tendency
to lodge itself deep inside a listener,
and often comes back
long after one hears it.

My teacher knew the man,
said his name is Darien
and that he belonged
to The Counsel of …
I can’t remember the word
she used, but she asked him
to stay and teach us about

Do you mean The Counsel of Bards?

Yes, that’s the word. Do
you know what it is?

The Counsel of Bards is made
up of the twelve most well-known
poets in the land. And the one called Darien
might be the most well-known
of all of them. Did he stay
and teach you?

Yes, he did and at first
I got scared because he
asked Joey what he thought
of my poem. But, Joey said
he sort of liked it, even though
he didn’t understand how
a kitten could be a poem.

I can understand why that would
be scary for you, and confusing
for Joey if he’s not heard much

Well, Mr. Darien asked Joey
some questions and then told
us about what metaphors are.
He used my poem to do that, Mama.
He found stuff in my poem, I didn’t
know was even there. It was sort
of like magic.

I have always thought that good
poetry has some essence
of magic about it.

But then, Mr. Darien started
a different poem about Joey
being the poem. I don’t think
Julie is hurt or angry anymore,
and Mr. Darien said he’d come
back and teach us more tomorrow.
I can’t wait. Isn’t that exciting?

Yes, it is and Mr. Darien sounds
like a very good teacher. I think
I might come with you tomorrow.
I’d like to meet this Bard.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/27/15

Notes: Although I still don’t have my own computer, I find myself somewhat fascinated by this story/myth I am weaving. There has been a great deal of synchronicity within the process and that always feels good. There have been moments when I deeply wished I hadn’t begun at all. But, again, the story has pulled me in and demands a telling. Explanation for The Boomerang Poem Form may be found here:

The image is a pen and ink zen doodle.

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2 Responses to Mythopoesis 27 – A Mentor’s Magic

  1. Another wonderful instalment, my friend, and I look forward to how this will wind up…….not many days left………


  2. Oh!!! Zen Doodle! I’ve just begun doing this…at least officially…I’ve done so in the past but not called it by that name but I found a great book on Zen Doodling Mandalas by Carolyn Scrace and I’ve finished a few pieces this past moth…so rewarding and mind expanding…as is your creation…I love your Zen Doodle!!

    Okay…now the poem! 😉 I love so much what you’re creating with this myth making series…again…very inspiring and I love what you said about the ‘kitten’ I agree I think that is scary for people.


    “He found stuff in my poem, I didn’t
    know was even there. It was sort
    of like magic.”


    So true…thank you so much for making magic, Elizabeth!


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