In Response To Humbird’s Question


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In Response to Humbird’s Question

Yes, I firmly believe
that silence
can, and if kept too long,
will scorch the spirit.

Have known many
(mostly women)
that have forced themselves,
body and soul,
to live in a stupor of silence
caged in barbed wire
by another’s misdirected rage.
Jaws locked shut for sake
of foolish pride, hiding behind
a polite wall of prevarication.
Recklessly blind to what
they are wordlessly teaching their
sons and daughters.

Their defense no more
than a thin drifting drizzle
against that constantly banked
but regularly fed inferno.
Like the beautiful young woman
with huge sunglasses fixed across
most of her face at 3:30 in the morning,
while her right hand
softly massaged the purpling bruise
on her shoulder, who whispered
in a plaintive chord,
“You must understand,
I know, deep down,
I know,
he never really means
to hurt me.”

Elizabeth Crawford 1/26/15

Notes: It was not my intent to post anything today. I came here to make sure I had responded to all the comments left yesterday. Found a new one from Humbird, so clicked on her name, only to find that she had responded to a different wordle this morning. The words were interesting, but I was looking for yesterday’s response. That poem was about silence and ended with a question. “Can silence scorch the spirit?” I immediately felt a response forming on my lips. Then remembered that other list of words from today’s wordle and was off and running. My response comes directly from my own experience, and a distinct memory of a young woman who faced me across the in-take desk of the Women’s Shelter where I worked years ago. Thank you Humbird, for your comment and this swift but rather exhilarating experience.

Here are the words to this new wordle:

Prevaricate (to speak falsely, to give the wrong impression)

I used all but one. And the link where they may be found:

Humbird’s blog may be found here:

Image is yet another digital painting.

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5 Responses to In Response To Humbird’s Question

  1. humbird says:

    So glad, Elizabeth, to find that my words/poems/theme inspired you!! Is this not the most important goal to make happiness the contagions one?! I’m happy too, when get inspired by other poets! You are very welcome! x


  2. kaykuala h says:

    Perfectly well Elizabeth! To think you happened to meet upon it while hunting for another. Word choice was very apt!



  3. Carrie says:

    I followed a Humingbird…
    A beautifully poetic description of what Eckhart Tolle might refer to as a clash of ‘pain bodies’. Evocative piece, thanks.


  4. Such a powerful write, Elizabeth – the silence that scorches the spirit – and teaches the wrong lesson to sons and daughters. Fabulous write! An important topic.


  5. An excellent use of the words…fits seamlessly into the poem. Also an important topic you have addressed here.


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