Re-Visioning Consequences

For 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #14: Day 14

age, anything, flannel, rare, devoid,
jelly, reincarnation, defend, ripple, weeds



Re-Visioning Consequences

Reincarnation creates a ripple of thought.
Age rewound, redone, remade, reformed.
Soft flannel warmth in winter of life.

Getting old may sound like dried
weeds rattling in Autumn wind.
Reincarnation creates a ripple of thought.

Rare opportunity to begin again,
start over in new guise, second chance.
Age rewound, redone, remade, reformed.

Anything that heightens hope should
be defended, pulled close to heart,
soft flannel warmth in winter of life.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/14/14

Notes: This one came in pieces. Started last night. Finished this morning, but couldn’t come up with a title. Took a short nap and the title came while I was awakening. I may be hitting those midway doldrums. The poetic form is the Cascade Poem. It’s length is decided by the number of lines in the first stanza, as they become the final lines in subsequent stanzas.  The first image was taken last fall. The second one is the same image put through the kaleidoscope app.


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4 Responses to Re-Visioning Consequences

  1. So beautiful. I especially love the comfort and hope in the last stanza…….

    Sherry, I agree. I also like the comfort and hope in that final stanza. It was worth the piece-meal struggle just to get there.



  2. michael says:

    I had to read this several times, as a reader, then as a writer, perplexed by a form I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for your process notes, as they helped identify the form for me. Now I have something new to play with. Oh, I used to say if I was to be reincarnated, I wanted to be an otter in my next life. They are so cute, and live so fully in each moment, almost like me. 🙂

    Hi Michael, there are so many poetic forms to play with, and new ones being added constantly. I have a tendency to go for syllabic forms, counting syllables rather than metered poems. I decided to use the Cascade form when I realized the first line of this piece. Actually, in the world of symbols that is what the otter stands for: the need to play each day, to express the inner child that dwells in each of us. Maybe that is because we learn more when playing because we are relaxed and retain better when we are simply enjoying life. My motto could easily be: Words are my playground, lol.



  3. I wish I had read this before writing my own pathetic rubbish. I love the words that come from your playground.

    I am truly in the midway doldrums.


  4. julespaige says:

    You are poetic, that you fill us all with inspiration. I like your cascade.

    The Sonja series keeps growing. But I try to write the pieces individually so that you don’t have to read the whole thing. The link to all the parts (all one page flash fiction is at the top post).

    Sometimes we can’t get back to serials. And that’s OK. Kind of like some soap operas. You enjoy what bits you can, if they interest you.

    “Words are my playground.” Yep, I agree – for me too.


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