Before Breaking Silence

For We Write Poems poetry prompt: Story Verse

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle 110

wordle #110

Before Breaking Silence

Her fertile mind seemed to yield memories
in layers. The young reporter’s questions
were like a beam of moonlight dancing
across the ripples of time, sometimes
advancing, then shifting away.

She needed an anchor, something
disconnected from this current range
of thoughts and feelings. But the closer
she got to the time of their meeting,
the more unsettled she became.

Recalled the soft little melody that Mary Beth
had created and often hummed while sewing
that scarlet red dress. It was Anastasia who
had written a few lyrics to match her sister’s
music, and now realized, after all these years
of secrets and silence, she was actually
singing them aloud:

These threads made of deep red, some of scarlet,
speak of love in a heart wanting only to give.
Each stitch that is fashioned holds
a promise of passion to be renewed
each day that I live.

But Mary Beth hadn’t lived,
and that might be where she had to finally begin
telling her, as yet, untold story.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/26/13

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21 Responses to Before Breaking Silence

  1. Irene says:

    Great passionate lyrics. The last stanza is a cliffhanger. Hope you stay inspired!


  2. viv blake says:

    Your protagonist “story” poem is beautifully written, as usual. On thing jars slightly: the tautology of scarlet red – I can see why they are linked in your mind because of the reference to threads in the italicised stanza. And as for combining it with the wordle words – I didn’t even notice them until I went looking afterwards: the mark of a great wordler.


  3. The beginning of an interesting story! I would be curious to hear that untold story.


  4. A lovely almost fairytale quality – that pulls the reader in and entrances 🙂


  5. annell4 says:

    Yes, I want to settle down and to know more! I love those deep red threads! Nice choice.


  6. Marianne says:

    This stanza is my favorite, a gorgeous image:
    “These threads made of deep red, some of scarlet,
    speak of love in a heart wanting only to give.
    Each stitch that is fashioned holds
    a promise of passion to be renewed
    each day that I live.”


  7. barbara_ says:

    And the beat goes on. I like the little sound plays–dancing/advancing, fashioned/passion. Sweet!
    (one thing: as someone who overworks “actually” I’m kinda sensitive to it–you might want to consider “after all these years of secrets and silence, she was singing them aloud”.)


  8. Veronica Roth says:

    One lives and one doesn’t. It’s the beginning of a beguiling story. Nicely done Elizabeth. 🙂


  9. Sherry Marr says:

    Wow, this makes me want the whole story. I love how this develops. Definitely leaves me wanting to know more.


  10. teri says:

    “Yielding memories in layers.” Just like pages of a book. Wonderful Elizabeth.


  11. You have pulled me in…


  12. Maggie Grace says:

    Such a beautiful story…poignant.


  13. Your first stanza! Wow! I love the likening you use in this…the back and forth of waning waxing light/questions…so good.

    I agree with, Viv!! This is wordled SO well!

    I love the entire italicized stanza and the mysterious tone the entirety of your piece brings, Elizabeth!

    Thank you so very much for your visit…I appreciate your comments so much! ♥


  14. Mary says:

    You have really captured my attention, Elizabeth. I want to know more.


  15. Misky says:

    Now that’s what I call a cliff-hanger, Elizabeth. Great flow and tension right to the end.


  16. Love the dithering feelings at the beginning and the lyrics of the song were great. What a good piece this is.


  17. oldegg says:

    What poignant writing you have penned. Although we want it to go on it does in fact tell it all in a life hoped for but not achieved. Sad but beautiful.


  18. Cathy says:

    Great piece with a good dose of bittersweet in it.


  19. Pamela says:

    Nice continuation here, Elizabeth. I would have never known those wordle words were incorporated, you wrote them in perfectly hidden. I only finished my wordle yesterday and couldn’t use all of the words after days of editing. I simply lost track of how many I used, lol.



  20. I’m glad I went back and started reading your series again. I love how your incorporated the lyrics into the penultimate stanza…the memory of Mary Beth runs through this poem like those scarlet threads.



  21. julespaige says:

    Like Nicole I need to read the series from the beginning…I created a page for mine in this series.

    I think it is interesting how the sisters relate to each other, each believing the other has lived more. But then as the reader I am placing myself within your fantasy. Partly because of the sewing theme, as my grandmother (a sister herself was a seemstress) and my own sister sews.

    I see there is another piece… top right…the interview. Off to see that now.
    Mine is written for this week, but not yet posted.

    Cheers, Jules


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