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In Search of Harmony

When I was a child, I could singany song I heard a few times.That in turn had me seekingharmony. Much later, as an adult I beganwriting words on paper, still seeking the same by anothername called poetry. Then came the … Continue reading

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April PAD Challenge: Day 4

April is national poetry month, and is celebrated by a Poem A Day challenge to anyone who loves poetry. I am busy teaching an online class, but will attempt to offer something each day, through the month. Simple short verses, … Continue reading

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An Image

For Creativity Challenge Day 13, Imagination http://1sojournal.wordpress.com An Image Close my eyes, watch as they gather, one by one, in pre-dawn mist and haze. On shoreline and mountain meadows, slowly breathing in scent of fresh soil, the sea, tall grasses, … Continue reading

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From The Forest of Memory

Joe, Ray, Louise, Peggy, Helen (Mom), Lillian Olive, Virginia, Grandma Dena, Grandpa Fred, Betty From┬áThe Forest of Memory They were the trees in the forest of my childhood. Sturdy farm folk called away to far flung cities in which to … Continue reading

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Old Frank At The Feed Store Remembers

For We Write Poems prompt #155: A Red Letter Day http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/ Old Frank At The Feed Store Remembers She was just a little spit of a thing, but when that child would sing she could charm angels. Bring a thousand … Continue reading

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