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Before Re-entry

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 20 Before Re-entry The world and all of its discordant cacophony has slipped its way into my safest of places. Like a worm it squirms against skin of thoughts, pokes its nose, perhaps seeking nurture thinking … Continue reading

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Unavailable Until Further Notice

For The Sunday Whirl prompt:¬†Wordle #202 http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/ knead, excuses, wind, drive, sting, images, string, trip, club, plant, trample, begin   Unavailable Until Further Notice Words huddle there in a ragged string of reluctance, some kneading hands, others mumbling excuses about … Continue reading

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About That Call

About That Call Poet sits staring at blank page. Nothing. Knows now, there is no end to the words. Lifts head toward ceiling, then drops it again. Words are shrouded in thick mist of mystery. There, but somehow hidden or … Continue reading

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