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A Jeremiah Lament

For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #16 http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/ A Jeremiah Lament Tender morning swept aside while scrawling notes that crawl across page like so many scars. Rusty joints protest meandering walk through riddled memories cemented in time best forgotten. Know that … Continue reading

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Poet at 2 A.M.

For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt #58: Nighttime http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/2011/07/thursday-think-tank-58-nighttime.html#comments Poet at 2 A.M. Nighttime becomes a flight of fanciful dreaming. Scheming plans to form face of tomorrow and beyond. Some grow pale at thought of veil of silence, thick … Continue reading

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Fumbling Mumble

For We Write Poems poetry prompt: Have Dictionary Will Dance http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/ Fumbling Mumble Because of their mediacy, poetry prompts are not mediagenic, may even cause melodramatic ache in mediastinum, or sudden megrim with their melange of meandrous choices to be … Continue reading

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Two From One

For We Write Poems poetry prompt: Revisionists Unite http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/ The prompt was to find an old poem and revise or rework it. The original poem was posted during the November PAD challenge for a prompt about containment. It can be … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

    In the Beginning there was nothing but darkness brooding over darkness. Wisp of dream, like infintisimal butterfly wings, fluttered through and no one ever knew from where it came. And darkness reached out to swallow that flitting movement, … Continue reading

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