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On Edge

On  Edge There is a fault line which curves unseen through the human psyche. Deep dark crevasse with jagged forks like those of a lightning strike. At bottom, only a rapidly changing river, where emotions run. Dark fast moving waters, … Continue reading

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13 Ways of Looking at White

13 Ways of Looking at White 1. Innocence, prized in the young, pulling at strings of protectiveness, or a perverted temptation. 2. Ignorance, suggesting a willingness to learn, or deliberate refusal of knowing. 3. An absence of color, while still … Continue reading

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Live now at edge of deep chasm. Its bottom no more than dark shadows. Daily scribbling these words then tossing them over the edge, in hopes of softening my landing. Elizabeth Crawford  4/8/2018 Notes: Image is a pen and ink … Continue reading

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The Gift

  A Pelican feather, lying in grass at my feet. Immediately look up, as if that bird might be circling still mourning its loss. Snatch it up, careful for its fragility. Hug myself, it is a gift given freely, meant … Continue reading

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A Reflection

A Reflection Snowy egret seemingly stalks her own reflection in shallow waters that barely move around still white stones. And I remember: Evenings when I sat alone on concrete boulders lining the shore of Lake Michigan, enthralled by moonlight dancing … Continue reading

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Complicated This shouldn’t be so complicated, after all of these years it should be a snap. Like the click of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Personally think they should have been emerald green, (she just wanted to go home). So, here … Continue reading

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Between Here and There

Between Here and There Memories come in waves, some in towering white water that crashes against shoreline of only hoped for slumber. Others rhythmically lap in soft desire for inducing the same. Between here and there is me with, then … Continue reading

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“when she bedded her zinnias”

For NaPoWriMo: Day 30 – Final Poem http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ …when she bedded her zinnias… Stood off to one side clapping hands as she rooted memory in rich moist soil of fertile mind. Tapping roots of that other garden meant to trap, … Continue reading

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Another Dream

For NaPoWriMow: Day 27 http://1sojournal.wordpress.com fireflies, lit, sleep, door, turns, fall Another Dream Left my door open just a crack, then turned over and fell asleep. Watched fireflies flit and flutter against the ceiling, then fly in kaleidoscopic formations, dazzling … Continue reading

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For NaPoWriMo: Day 26 http://1sojournal.wordpress.com music, defenses, sensation, tender, truth, imagination, night, listen, Soul-Mates You want the truth? I think color and music share the same soul. Both been around forever, can be both tough and tender. Seep into senses, … Continue reading

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