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Life Without Logic

Life Without Logic Am a North Wisconsin Hillbilly who writes poetry. Is that even reasonable, let alone logical? Grew up in a big/little town where Sunday’s second service was football, family, screaming at the television as if players whose names … Continue reading

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Stray Thought 7

“I agree, curiosity is a very good thing, but how does ‘what if…’ become a butterfly of transformation, a beacon, a shining star that beckons you on, allowing you to navigate the deepening waters of the rest of your life?” … Continue reading

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April PAD Challenge: Day 15

Paper Life How else to be our own best friend? ___1sojournal My life is a piece of paper. Find breath between lines of a far from empty notebook. Define contours of my story with writing pens or colored pencils, scattered … Continue reading

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A Doubled Tetractys

  PAD Challenge #7  for Poetic Asides For today’s prompt, write a Pro-something poem. Your poem could be pro-candy, pro-writing, pro-peace, love and happiness, or whatever else it is that you support. A Doubled Tetractys Life is not long enough … Continue reading

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8pm Cat

I came upon this quote before reading this week’s prompt at Big Tent Poetry http://bigtentpoetry.org The quote started humming immediately. When I then went to retrieve the prompt, I swear it took one look at me, ran off backstage and … Continue reading

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