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About The Dead Woman at the Border

The dead woman didn’t know she was dead. Didn’t know she’d stopped breathing, there at the border where cold sea meets fire. The dead woman couldn’t quite remember when it had happened. When her dreams had become no more than … Continue reading

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Uncomfortably Numb

For 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #11: Day 11 http://1sojournal.wordpress.com centered, depression, eyes, blood, silence, hear, smudged, asked, forced, bricks Uncomfortably Numb Centered in depression she seeks only silence. Puts hands over ears after being forced to hear that her actions … Continue reading

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On The Down Swing

For The Sunday Whirl writing prompt: Wordle #121 http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/ Words are:  wallow, circle, illuminate, scatter, striking, race, concrete, hitch, incentive, strain, pounding, stark On The Down Swing Would like striking illumination but lacks any incentive for seeking the same. Having … Continue reading

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