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The Other I Am

The poet, Walt Whitman tells us “to not abase, nor be debased by the other I am.” That one who lives within, who mirrors our image, but more often than not feels or acts just the opposite of that one … Continue reading

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On Edge

On  Edge There is a fault line which curves unseen through the human psyche. Deep dark crevasse with jagged forks like those of a lightning strike. At bottom, only a rapidly changing river, where emotions run. Dark fast moving waters, … Continue reading

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Stray Thought 5

“But, what of Choice? You make it sound like you were no more than a dumb animal, blindly following the carrot dangling down in front of you.” Elizabeth Crawford  11/5/2017 Posted at Micropoetry: November 2017 https://thotpurge.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/micropoetry-month-nov-2017-5/   Save Save Save

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Access or Excess

November PAD Challenge Day 12:  Today’s prompt, write an excess poem http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/poetic-asides/poetry-prompts/2011-november-pad-chapbook-challenge-day-12 Access or Excess It’s that age-old question: too much or too little? Prefer a bit of boundary, neither too tight nor loose, like a well-hinged door one might choose … Continue reading

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