The Magical Woods

The Magical Woods

Do you know of the Magical Woods?
Was told of it long ago
by a man who spoke mostly Poetry.
He said that one night every year,
when the moon was bright
and the heavens clear, the trees
in the forest would get restless.

Would rustle around pulling
roots from the ground and form
a huge circle. Raising their branches
high, they gave thanks for the moon,
their friend in the sky. And the moon
would begin to glow until their
branches seemed touched by fire,
aglow with a heavenly light
yet nothing burned in that darkest night.

All the creatures crept close to see,
forgetting their regular roles
of being enemies. Over there sat
a brown rabbit next to a grey wolf,
and there was a hawk no more
than an inch from a not so small mouse.
All together and all subdued in a
silent and reverent mood, giving thanks
for their homes in this magical woods,
but especially for the beautiful face
of the wonderfully glowing moon.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/4/2021

Notes: The coloring that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, is for me, a form of active meditation. The hands are busy and the mind is free to roam wherever it chooses. The designs that I color were created by me with small pen and ink sketches I call doodles and the help of a kaleidoscope app. When I pulled this design up I liked it, but the printout didn’t work well. It seemed a bit smeared in places, but I went ahead and started it anyway. Don’t ask me why I chose the colors I did, because I’m really not sure, it’s a moment by moment process. About three quarters of the way through, I began to hear the words of this story. At first I dismissed them, but was very pleased with the way the image turned out. And I am seldom pleased with the transferal process of my scanner, and this one is poor at best. But the moment I saw this, I knew I wanted to share it. And suddenly I had a post to put here. Except for yesterday, I’ve been trying to use quotes to introduce what I am about.The first one I pulled up was the one that introduces this post. Can you say “Synchronicity?” And Happy Easter to each and everyone one of you.

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2 Responses to The Magical Woods

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    What a LOVELY story. I once wrote a poem about trees lifting their skirts and tiptoing across the forest floor in secret…..your poem made me think of it. I am pondering what I will write…….magic will be in it………yes, I can see that your colouring would be active meditation. When I was married, I coloured to keep myself sane. It gave my mind a break.


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Sherry, we may not be actively trying to do this together other than these comments, but we are definitely of a similar mind. And that is magic. Love it and hugs to you my friend.



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