To Begin Again

How do you come back
from a silence
that has lasted
far too long?

A lack of will
stilled by a stillness
that lacks any and all

A gaping hole
in a wall of stone
that has been both
guardian and friend

for seemingly centuries.

Perhaps there is no
coming back.
Just a moment
of knowing, it is time

To begin, again.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/27/2020

Note: I recently was asked by another writer if I would teach them about writing poetry. Said yes, but then had to stop and think about the fact that I haven’t been writing any poetry for a while. So came here and went to my media file hoping for inspiration. The image is a photo taken many years ago at a favorite park, here in Wisconsin. The park is called “Natural Bridge State Park”. The image seemed to pull words immediately, so I followed.

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1 Response to To Begin Again

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    I feel that stillness and silence too, my friend. World events are too weighty, it is hard to write lyrically while the world is going mad…..but your poem shows that whatever words come, they touch others. So happy to read you today. Let me know if you will be teaching. My energy is nil, but I can try.


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