About Those Boulders

Posted for the Sunday Whirl: Wordle #403

Words: permit, siren, shoot, insight, live, tracks,
lights, blocks, style, clues, shift, alley




About Those Boulders

Have lived life by seeking its light
through insight and following tracks
left by others dropping clues as they move
through sometimes darkened alleys
where shadows shift, changing definitions
as they twist through meandering blocks
of how’s, when’s, and always why.

Have learned that only permission
needed is my own, while honing
ability to shoot straight, using words
whose siren song forever leads me
forward, through dense forest of trees,
running rivers, and dragon sized

Elizabeth Crawford 5/12/2019

Process Notes: As soon as I saw the word list, I could see how many of them would, or could fit together. It made that first stanza somewhat easy to create. The second stanza fought with me a bit. But once I decided to change “permit” to “permission” the rest fell in place. Image is a photo I took at a park a bit North of the city. It’s main attraction is a narrow ravine that is accessible by a wooden staircase that leads down into its interior. I did use all of the words in one form or another.

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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11 Responses to About Those Boulders

  1. KT Workman says:

    “…only permission needed is my own…” I like that! It’s taken me many years and many wrong turns to realize that fact.
    Wonderful poem, Elizabeth.

    Thank you very much, Kathy. To be honest that is the most important line in the poem, for me. We women are too often told that we need guidance because we really don’t know how to think properly, because we are far too emotional about things. It took a lot of time for me to learn and own that statement as well. And is probably the reason I seek guidance in Nature more than any other source. Not Nature as defined by a male dominant society, but Nature as I have seen and interacted with it.



  2. annell4 says:

    I like this poem, sunshine is implied, and a day in the park is welcome! Oh, I hope there was a picnic…something about eating out of doors.

    As a matter of fact, there was a picnic, but closer to home at a small park at the bay shore. We even had company. A seagull that ate what we tossed in his direction. And you are correct, food does taste better out doors. Thanks for stopping, Annell.



  3. I love that siren song of words that leads you forth and am glad I get to read them.

    Thank you Sherry, the words are a siren song, leading me to unexpected places and subjects that often surprise and amuse me. The wordles were something I had to get used to, and more often than not they do lead me toward unusual ideas. Different ways of seeing meanings and definitions. That’s why I think when I realized that I wanted to get back to the poetry, I chose the wordles as a good place to begin again.



  4. Mr. Walker says:

    We have to move through some darkness, even if our gaze is always on the light – and always asking why – love the ending of the first stanza. Words – and our imaginative use of them – will help us around/through many obstacles. Really like how you used the wordle words and where you went with them

    Yes, Richard, there is always some darkness. I agree. And yes, asking questions and seeking answers. And the words are also a source of information. And even shed light on some of that darkness. Good to see you here and glad you like what you found.



  5. The thought of life as that path we have to find is excellent… and certainly there are boulders in the way sometimes….

    Yes, Bjorn there are always boulders to get around. Have encountered several in the past year. Good to see you here,



  6. ZQ says:

    Excellent Use Of The Words.

    Thank you very much, ZQ.



  7. colonialist says:

    Very good! The only thing to worry me a bit is that ‘how is’ and ‘when is’ don’t seem appropriate, whereas ‘hows and whens’ as plurals do — on the basis that apostrophes are only ever used to form plurals when confusion would otherwise arise as in ‘one i, two i’s’?

    Colonialist, I agree with you. But I type the poem up first in my advanced program of Microsoft, and when I tried that the program corrected it to the apostrophes. It still doesn’t seem correct, but I bowed to that higher power (sort of speak, lol). I taught writing at the University from which I graduated and came to depend on the program. Perhaps I need to explore that a bit more. And thanks for your comment. All of it.


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  8. Have learned that only permission
    needed is my own,
    and this is the key to everything is it not?….bkm

    Yes, but sometimes it takes so very long to truly understand it, then put it on, wear it, etc. My only wish now is that I had been able to learn it much earlier on. Now I lack the energy and physical ability to truly engage in it as much as possible, lol. Thanks for your visit bkm,



  9. robtkistner says:

    You constructed a nice poem from the words Elizabeth, well done.

    Thank you, Rob. For your visit and your words…


  10. Mary says:

    So true – the only permission needed is your own! Too bad one doesn’t learn this MUCH earlier in life. Hope you are doing well, Elizabeth!

    Thank you, Mary. I would only add that it is women, in particular, that need that lesson much earlier in life. I am doing okay, have been busy putting a poetry manuscript together while dealing with physical issues. At my age that shouldn’t be such a surprise. I did try to leave a message on your poem, which I really liked, but apparently, I’ve been absent for too long and my comment wasn’t acceptable to google.



  11. This poem pulled me in from the first line. Take your own permission and run with it!

    Thank you, Sara. Oh, but it takes some time to learn and then act on that reality. Glad the poem spoke to you.



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