Barefoot Reverie

Posted For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle # 402

window, charm, orphan, off, fly, sigh,
stifle, sense, city, sing, float, dust

Barefoot Reverie

Sometimes feel like an orphan.
Sighing on desire to fly off
out window, float away
from city dust that somehow
stifles sense of rightness found
only in forest, beside rippling
brook that sings its own charming
song of laughter, while dancing
bare-footed from one stone to another.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/5/2019

Process Notes: Image is a “happy accident”. Was doing a pen and ink sketch and spilled water on the page. Grabbed a paint brush and used the ink for a wash. Did use all of the words. And again, am reminded of how much I came to enjoy these wordle puzzles.

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5 Responses to Barefoot Reverie

  1. annell4 says:

    Ah yes, you have taken your place again. I have missed you…there you are, #1 posted on the wordle and a wonderful poem you have posted. Some words were difficult for me, and reading your’s reminded me I missed one. But had such trouble tucking them into my write…I probably won’t go back.

    Hi Annell, I find that the wordles are a challenge to my comfort zone. I think we can become complacent with the sound of our own voice. When I first encountered the wordles, I thought of them as some sort of cheat or cheap shot. But as I worked with them, I realized that they not only widened my vocabulary, but challenged that Hillbilly Rebel that lives inside of me. And once challenged, she stays with it, lol. I’ve been culling through my files here, looking for things I might want to add to the manuscript, and have found some really nice pieces to add to my story. Pieces I would never have written without the wordles. My hope is that you do continue because they make us stretch and we usually don’t like to do that.



  2. I missed you two. I love the brook singing its song of laughter, while dancing bare-footed from one stone to another. Wonderful!

    Thanks Sherry. I laughed out loud at your story about Mr. Linky. I just got a download from my server and it altered the appearance on my monitor in quite substantial ways. It also told me I could change it by clicking on a button. I did that and was hit with a page of questions and further instructions. I decided I’d learn how to appreciate this current mode, rather than risk the chance of losing all use of this machine. Talk about being dragged kicking and screaming into what someone else thinks is better. And I’ve been away from the wordles for over a year now. This one was more difficult than what I remember because of that gap in time. I think the first part is somewhat stiff, but love that last line as much as you do, because I’d gotten all the words into the piece and dove for the freedom of my own choice of what to say, lol. All said and done, I still like the challenge the wordles represent. I also really liked the fact that you didn’t stick with the limited number of words. I know I couldn’t possibly do that.



  3. KT Workman says:

    You reached right into my heart with this…I would love to fly off…

    Hi Kathy and welcome. Actually I do fly off at odd moments. Created an entire Personal Mythology by doing just that, using spontaneous imagery. That’s where I found the dragons, as well as a menagerie of wild creatures who both tested me and then told me their names and stayed to teach me what I was most curious about. And I have to believe that you do the same. I just finished reading your story. It’s fantastic and really well written. My favorite author is Dean Koontz, some of what you wrote reminded me of his work. I’d really like to see Jeffrey get the help he really needs and finally find out exactly who and what the rat pig is. I’m glad you liked this piece. It’s a response to a wordle prompt, a wordle meaning a word list usually gathered from another piece of writing. To me, they are often a puzzle needing to be put together. Haven’t done one for a while, so had to try it again. Thanks for your visit and your words,



  4. Mr. Walker says:

    Just lovely. I love where you went with the wordle words, especially that “sense of rightness”. To go to nature, to be near water – very right.

    Thank you, Richard. I haven’t been doing a lot of writing, but agreed to do Napo in April. It really seemed to recharge my need to write, to feel alive. So, I turned to the Wordle list and enjoyed myself. And that sense of rightness is almost as old as I am. I started going fishing with my Dad when I was eight and very quickly came to know the healing that can be found in nature and especially the water. Good to see you here.



  5. Good to see you, Elizabeth! Charming poem that makes me long to dance bare-footed anywhere!

    And I just wish I could still dance at all, Sara. lol. Just glad you like the poem. That last line was my favorite as well. I haven’t done a wordle in some time, and this was me finding out if I still could do such a thing. It might take some time to find out. But time is what I have.



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