In Nest of Memory

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 24

In Nest of Memory

Memories, like bits of stone, leaves,
and twigs sometimes wrestle
to find a permanent place
in which to nestle.

 Each owning a definitive face
separate from one another, yet all seeking
nurture from same, often exhausted
and harried mother.

Who, of an evening after settling
down, sings them a song
learned long ago, when she was no
more than a fledgling.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/24/2019

Process Notes: No more than bread crumbs stolen by a nest of fledglings seeking nurture. Having been away from any regular writing, I forgot how conceiving and making words knocks hard on the door of memory. The image is a pen and ink doodle with charcoal pencil shading, that was put through the kaleidoscope app. It always reminds me of a nest. Which was only the beginning. The nest then morphed into memories that, like baby birds fighting to get whatever nurture mother brings, then suggested the mother bird singing to settle them down. The song, by Sarah McLachlan, has been humming to me for days. Memories can easily fall through the cracks of a life lived at its surface. Pushing them down, or away, only means they will rise again and demand our attention. And writing will do that more quickly than any other activity I have ever engaged in. And yes, this is an interactive poem, incorporating many of the things I have encountered while doing this current NaPoWriMo. And is also suggesting a brief (hopefully) addition to that book I was putting together before deciding to do this daily writing.

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4 Responses to In Nest of Memory

  1. Words knocking hard on the door of memory – oh, yes! I am glad a book is in the works!

    Sherry, I seem to be experiencing a great deal of that knocking of late. I feel like I’ve spent half this month, writing about memories. And its the same book that has been in the works for quite some time now. There is always hope, lol.


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  2. Marianne says:

    Spending time with my brothers at lunch earlier meant lots of talk about our shared memories. It’s the only thing that connects us these days. Lovely words, Elizabeth! I also enjoyed reading your process notes. They’re always fascinating!

    Thanks Marianne. Shared memories are a good connection, one I don’t always have with my siblings. I started using process notes when I started blogging, especially with the poetry. I knew these postings were public, and I didn’t want anyone feeling as I had before encountering poetry. And that would be “ignorant”. By then I had come to see that there is some sort of story behind each poem, and it only made sense to share it.



  3. Pamela says:

    The first stanza is perfectly true. Beautiful writing, my friend.


    Thank you Pamela, glad you liked it.



  4. KT Workman says:

    Memories, both good and bad, fuel a lot of my writing…the older I get, the more they find a home in me.

    Hi KT, and welcome. One of the major reasons I began writing poetry was because of all the bad memories (didn’t start seriously writing until I was in my late thirties). Poetry became the place to first look at and study them, and eventually work to heal the marks and scars they presented. And yes, they most often fuel my writing. We are told that we must write about what we know, so memories are the best readily available tool we own in order to do that. And writing, if it is honest and true, has a tendency to pull even more of them forward into consciousness. Thanks for your visit,



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