Bloom of Knowing

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 22

Bloom of Knowing

Begins in darkness deep
beneath surface of light
and nurture.

Must fight not to be lost,
swallowed whole
totally forgotten.

Needs liquid of life and its
ongoing strife to build
strength for unfolding.

Petals reaching in all
directions for ultimate freedom found
only in truth and wisdom.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/22/2019

Process Notes: Image is a photograph I took in my younger sister’s backyard several years ago. It has a bit of a history. Although the photo has drawn my attention for a couple of days, I was reluctant to post it because of that history. But this morning it was the only thing that pulled me in, suggesting first the title, and then the steps to accomplish this day’s writing. And par for the course, it was I myself that needed to hear its lesson.

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4 Responses to Bloom of Knowing

  1. neil reid says:

    interesting. I seldom even think the notion – dark. you make me think again. although two reasons why – I see, I choose, light everywhere. but good to look anew, appreciate. as it is by what you write and my own sense of light. thanks.

    PS. old sense of dark vs light. some folk (not you) make dark so heavy, hard to move – but when you enter a darkened room, turn on the light switch – just how long does it take for light to fill the room? (a lack of substance, darkness is…)

    Thank you Neil. Perhaps because I have seen a great deal of darkness, I also seek the light. So many are not aware that the darkness that appears in some memories, can be as easily changed as you say, by turning on the light of the present moment and all that we have learned since that moment in memory. And yes, darkness is a lack of substance.



  2. “….strength for the unfolding…..” I love this, my friend, and love your process notes too.

    Thank you, Sherry. As far as the process notes go, I am old enough to have learned that if it keeps coming back, it must be of some importance and usually has something for me to learn. I am slowly learning how to find the light switch, turn it on, and begin the business of healing. Learning how to be grateful for darkness that had me seeking the light, how the pain of the past can become gratitude in the present.



  3. Marianne says:

    I love the idea of a flower, or an idea, or even a feeling, blooming out of darkness. Your last stanza is especially beautiful,
    “Petals reaching in all
    directions for ultimate freedom found
    only in truth and wisdom.”
    I’m grateful to be writing with you this year, Elizabeth. Your work is exceptional and your comments are always inspiring and so helpful. Thank you!

    No, thank you Marianne. I really was struggling with the whole idea of doing this. Moving from working on the final phases of the book, to jumping into writing a new poem, everyday? That was intimidating. Yet here we are headed into the home stretch, still alive, still breathing, and best of all still writing. I like these poems. They are somewhat different from things I’ve done in the past, yet remain me in some identifiable manner. There seems to be something a bit different in the sound of my own voice. It could be simple senility, but am hoping it is maturity, lol. And the gratitude is mutual, my friend. Couldn’t have done it without your daily words and encouragement. And I’ll take the “inspiring” comment and run while hugging myself. Just wish I could actually run anywhere…

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  4. Pamela says:

    Love the last stanza. Gorgeous writing! Thanks for being with us this month.


    Thank you Pamela. I can’t think how you do it with your busy working schedule. And applaud your efforts. My energy is definitely waning.



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