Discovering Me

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 11

Breakers At Midnight by Elizabeth Crawford

Discovering Me

Gotta wonder about people
who say they don’t own
even one ounce
of creative energy.

Fail to see that waking each day,
taking a breath, then
exhaling it, is very essence
of creating that moment.

Each and every choice,
decision, plan, opinion,
act and action must be fueled
by that very energy.

Then remember standing hesitant
at water’s edge, toes digging
into sand. How difficult
it was to take that first step forward.

Gingerly placing one foot, then another
until water hugged hips, inviting
me to willfully throw myself
into its welcoming embrace.

Flipping onto back.
finding the wonder of being one
with the water, floating for longer moments
in sheer satisfaction.

Taking that chance to discover
I could.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/11/2019

Process Notes: In a comment I wrote, a few days ago, I told of a woman who had come to my first ever creativity class at the University. When I came here this morning, that memory came back, but I didn’t know how to proceed. So started looking through the image files, here on site. When I found the above image, the words began to flow. The image is a digital painting, done several years ago. Just me playing with the different effects on my paint program. Love it when that happens.

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5 Responses to Discovering Me

  1. Marianne says:

    I feel sorry for people who aren’t creative. They’re really missing out on one of the joys of life! Plus, it can be a great way to relieve stress. Too many public schools are currently dropping their arts programs, and are doing a great disservice to the students. I believe any exposure is beneficial. Love the way you’ve embraced creativity using water! ❤️

    Thanks Marianne and I agree with you 100%. I believe everyone has the element of creativity built in. How else would we grow, learn, change, or make choices without it. However so many are never encouraged or allowed to seek it out and find what it has to offer.



  2. This reminds me of being 27, newly free from my oppressive marriage. I was walking through the autumn leaves in the West End, and suddenly realized my life now belonged to me, at last. It was liberating. Loved your poem. Your flipping onto your back, the wonder….same feeling.

    Thank you Sherry. You remind me of the day my ex told me he’d choose what words I could say. His final and fatal mistake. He really didn’t know or even begin to understand what I’d found when I’d discovered I could actually write poetry.


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  3. bwarren says:

    I love this, Elizabeth. I needed it at just this moment. Thank you. It’s time to plunge in!


    Glad to hear that Brenda. In reality, I never went much further than the dog paddle, but I could float for hours, and did a few times.



  4. Pamela says:

    Creativity and water. That’s a perfect connection for me, Elizabeth.
    Lovely poem.


    Thanks Pamela, for one who hasn’t been posting for so long, I feel a bit stronger each day. Maybe I’ll actually find my stride, by the time the month is over.



  5. neil reid says:

    hi. I’m losing track of time, but that’s nothing new. the second stanza especially Elizabeth I valued for its message. cause what can you say in the face of, “but I don’t know how to say, be that way”. yet we already are, as you say. I like creeping in through windows. your devotion to the craft enlivens me. thanks.

    Thank you, Neil, especially for that last statement. But you must know that some days, my “devotion” is a lot of blue smoke. Particularly when I can’t find the right words to say, lol. Secret? I like that second stanza as well.



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