The Little Seed

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 8

The Little Seed

Falls. Freely drops down
into deep rich soil of imagination
and takes root.

Root which finds nurture
breath found in air
of inspiration.

Keeps seeking always reaching
for light and that liquid rife
with the need for living.

Becomes dream seeking home
place of its own, unique, always

Gives itself a name, distinct
definition. Calls itself

Elizabeth Crawford 4/8/2019

Process Notes: This one is a bit more involved than usual. The image is a pen and ink doodle done many years ago. I have numerous small sketchbooks filled with them. But, this one kept slipping into my head, each day since starting this NaPo journey, as did a prompt from Poets United, asking for a poem titled How to Write a Poem. Today, I finally pulled up the image and posted it here. As soon as I did that, I began hearing ‘The Story of the Little Seed’ (Story Time), as told to me well over forty years ago, as I weeded the huge garden my ex-husband had created. I was accompanied by my dog, MacArthur, and my inner mentor, The Tiger Called Pain, who originally told me the story of the little seed. Both stories ( the seed and the tiger) can be found at my prose site Just click on the search engine, if you are interested. Being reminded of the story, made writing the poem easier. I really like extended metaphors.

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3 Responses to The Little Seed

  1. Marianne says:

    Elizabeth: Yes, it can be quite thrilling when an idea germinates, develops and grows into a poem. This is an inspired description of that process. And your drawing compliments your words perfectly! Well done!

    Thank you much Marianne. I really like those pen and ink doodles. They often remind me of things, people, and feelings. I actually thought about using them for these daily poems, but decided I might be pushing it a bit. And because I know how tired I can get doing a poem a day, I decided I best keep my choices more open. After all, this is far more creative writing than I’ve done for nearly a year, lol.



  2. Pamela says:

    I love this poem. It flows beautifully.
    Lovely work, words and art.



  3. annell4 says:

    I love that the little seed with grow into the “poem.” “Dream seeking home,” best line!


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