Weather, or Not

Weather, Or Not

Neither game nor superstition,
January is a shady train taken
in hopes of some mysterious list
of sane gravity, somewhere in
a balmy future.

Chickens need not apply, especially
any who might hope for some grain
of warmth, or a welcoming figure
beside a blazing hearth, offering
a platter of fresh baked cookies

and a mug of steaming hot cocoa.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/14/2018

Notes: Have spent the past few weeks without a steady source of heat. It definitely affected my response to this week’s word list. Image is a pen and ink sketch, using repeat pattern drawing.

Posted to The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #334

gravity, grain, figure, taken, shady, train,
superstition, list, chicken, sane, January, game

And Poets United: Poetry Pantry #386

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20 Responses to Weather, or Not

  1. oldegg says:

    We all choose where to live but for some reason prefer to battle the elements of cold snow and ice rather than something more temperate. I’m glad I left the cold of northern Europe for Australia to battle instead the crocodiles, snakes and deadly spiders. The trouble is nowhere is perfect but winter without heating is not good!


  2. kim881 says:

    I love that metaphor:
    ‘January is a shady train taken
    in hopes of some mysterious list’
    and the comfort at the end of the poem in the
    ‘…platter of fresh baked cookies
    and a mug of steaming hot cocoa’.
    Just what I look forward to after a January stroll.


  3. jaerose37 says:

    I hope you are warmer now..a deft use of the prompt words as always good to. Read you again


  4. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Love this especially; “January is a shady train taken in hopes of some mysterious list of sane gravity, somewhere in a balmy future.”


  5. Rommy says:

    I dream of warmer days too, especially when my dog decides he really wants to go on longer walks down snow covered paths.


  6. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    a mesmerising sketch and a trickier poem than first seen – love the internal rhymes too


  7. Mary says:

    Well, I still haven’t seen any ‘sane gravity’ in this January, but perhaps it is around the corner. But as we, as a world, sits before our blazing hearth, we can continue to hope for someone to offer us cookies of comfort and love in an insane world.


  8. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I absolutely LOVE your metaphor for January—“a shady train”—although I do hope your heat situation is corrected soon. Nothing like no relief from the cold to make one think of the world as a hostile place!


  9. Truedessa says:

    This January has been extremely cold and many have been without power and heat. It truly is a shady train and I wonder where it will travel next. You did a wonderful job with the word list, as the poem moved so freely.


  10. annell4 says:

    So sorry to hear. The weather can keep us on our toes. Put another blanket on, and come curl up beside me. Good to see you here. I’ve missed you!


  11. Having to face January without proper heating sounds terrible… hope it works better now… Here I would love to have some more cold… I love to travel on ice.


  12. How I love “January is a shady train.” That’s for sure! No heat is difficult in the coldest month. I hope everything will soon be fixed.


  13. Bev says:

    May the rest of your winter be all freshly baked cookies and hot steaming cocoa! By the way, I love the zentangles too!


  14. gillena says:

    Warm Wishes. Luv that line
    “January is a shady train taken”
    Weathers and time zones are so intriguing. Here January is a month of sun and heated minds absorbed in the Carnival hype



  15. J Cosmo Newbery says:

    It would be unwise to put cookies near my chookles.


  16. hypercryptical says:

    I love you clever use of the given words, expertly done.
    Hope a source of heat has returned so you can welcome them there chickens!
    Anna :o]


  17. Thank goodness for hot chocolate, especially when the heat is not a constant in January.


  18. colonialist says:

    A certain lack of warmth in your response? 🙂
    I really cannot think how such intricate pen and ink work can be done with cold hands!


  19. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    It must be hard to be short of heat like that! Here we have been experiencing extreme heat – uncomfortable, but I think I would rather that than extreme cold. Glad to see it has not frozen your poetry!


  20. mhmp77 says:


    Neither game nor superstition,
    January is a shady train taken
    in hopes of some mysterious list
    of sane gravity,

    Once a choice of abode is taken one has to take everything that comes with it. January is often mercilessly cold. The sketch is beautifully done Elizabeth!



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