April PAD Challenge: Day 12

when the eagle cries atop
his favorite scrag
and ravens pace the beach

___Sherry Marr

Sacred Ground

When you step here
and stop,
feel the tingle of earth’s energy
rise through soles
of boot and feet,
swiftly continue upward
until it touches, then surrounds
beating heart, becomes
one with flow of blood
making small hairs stand
to attention, while warmth
spreads throughout body,
as strange rippling images
fill head with a sense
of unknown familiarity:

this is when you know
that you know,
you have finally found
sacred ground.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/12/2017

Notes: My inspiration for today are lines from Sherry Marr and her poem Alive on Planet Earth. I share her love of the wild and the natural world. She, and her work may be found here:


The earth does reach out and speak to us, but only if we listen. I have had the experience, described above, on several occasions, and in specific places. Two of them within a three hour drive from where I live. When I heard, for almost a year, the call to Montana, I took several two-week road trips there and found that same whispered kiss of familiarity at several points of the journey, but most strongly at a Native American Trading Post, just after we entered the state boundaries. Sacred ground is healing ground.






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