April PAD Challenge: Day 11


stark images she paints with words
will not undo damage, old or new…
___Sara McNulty

For far too long, she (other half
of the species), has been silenced.
Defined in terms carefully chosen
by her believed to be better half,
which chooses to see her as weak,
ineffectual, definitely in need
of guidance, he is too quick
and eager to give.

But, in that silence, she has grown
strong, confident, even bold, while
he has constructed History without her.
Unable to understand that story is medicine,
he continues to sell his concocted
snake oil remedy, while she has found
her voice: simple, direct, and filled
with a truth that can’t be faulted.

To most, she is no more than a set
of curves on his road to create
a world made only in his image
and likeness. As he travels the path
of his own hubris, telling himself
he need not worry, she opens
her mouth and begins to heal
her world, by clearly sharing

Elizabeth Crawford  4/11/2017

Notes: Opening quote is from Sara McNulty, in her poem A Woman Speaks Out, which may be found at her blog Purple In Portland:


Here, in this country, laws and policies are being changed daily to benefit the few, while disregarding the rest. The hardest hit of all those groups is women. It is time to listen to Herstory.

Image is a digital painting done several years ago and titled Prayer At Dawn.






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