April PAD Challenge: Day 3

April is national poetry month, and is celebrated by a Poem A Day challenge to anyone who loves poetry. I am busy teaching an online class, but will attempt to offer something each day, through the month. Simple short verses, no particular form, but want to stick to the theme of inspiration, especially that of other poets, and writers. Please join me if you like, and leave your URL in the comment sections below. I will try to visit, read, and comment. The theme is simply my choice, and does not have to be yours.

come celebrate
with me that everyday
something has tried to kill me
and has failed.

___Lucille Clifton

Dear Lucille,

you have been my dark-skinned
butterfly, letting me know what
I wanted to be, if I ever grew up.
Never sent the poem you asked for.
Far too new and fragile, back then.

Grieved, when I read of your passing.
Have wondered, on occasion, if like me,
tired of the banging and crashing against
those locked tight inner places, you
might have considered, once or twice,

turning the key, letting that something enter.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/3/2017

Footnotes: Lucille Clifton is at the top of my list of favorite poets. I heard her read, in Chicago, and stood in line to get her autograph. While doing that, I told her that I had responded to several lines of her poetry, in a poem I had written. She asked me to please send it to her. I was far too new (still in college), at all of this word business to do so, and have always regretted it. My theme for the month is “Inspiration”. The quote above is the final line from one of her poems, “come celebrate with me”. Her simplicity and clear honesty has always impressed me.

My poem, addressed to Lucille, and mentioned in this one, may be found here:
It is the third poem listed in a rather lengthy post.

The image is a pen and ink doodle that I put through the kaleidoscope app, and fell in love with the mysterious black butterfly I found therein. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation (each of four wings representing one of the stages in that process). Real transformation can not take place unless we explore and make friends with the shadow (dark side) of our own psyche.










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