One Big Mistake

For Creativity Challenge Day 25: Mistakes

Zentangle Mandala #10 8-12-09 4

One Big Mistake

The personal is political
The political is personal

Long ago, when I first
started writing, that was
a new and even popular
statement. Knew of it,
but didn’t think much
about it.

Was far too busy finding
my own person on paper.
Had already spent too many
years trying to be what
others wanted me to be,
and failing.

Then found that person
I wanted to become
defined by me, formed
and shaped for all to see
in countless pages of
Personal Poetry.

Found a bit of success
and amazing bliss, when
someone would say,
“I understand this, know
how you feel, because
I feel exactly the same.”

Now, in my declining years,
must face off with mistake
I made. Ignoring the other
half of that long-ago,

Without a knock,
they have entered
my space to tell me
how things will change
and there is nothing
one can do about it.

With pleased grins,
they will take what little
I have. Not because
they need it, but only
because they now will make
the laws that say they can.

They pat my shoulder
with one hand, while patting
their backs with the other.
Tell me that most of my friends
will be out on that street,
living in that same gutter.

And I with my meager weapons
of paper and pen? Out there,
somewhere, making cardboard
placards that only read:
“Please remember this one thing:
The Personal is Political, and

The Political is always Personal.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/15/2016




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2 Responses to One Big Mistake

  1. know how you feel, because
    I feel exactly the same

    Classic extension of empathy. One may be able to draw more strength in numbers than being alone facing it!


    Thanks Hank. Yes, it is good to know I am not alone. It’s difficult to know that for years I ignored the political in search of the personal. But, I can also say that all of that personal writing helped me to learn how to address an issue, dig in and find some resolution, and that helps a great deal in the present political situation.



  2. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh is it ever personal, when they come for old age pensioner’s pittance. Grrrrrrrrr. It appears we are not to enjoy a restful old age, my friend, we have to fight to the bitter end for our survival. I so relate to this poem. My poem grew out of my thoughts after reading the Kali Takes America essay which is excellent. I came away with not the most uplifting outcome, but the one that looks probable.

    Have just read your post, and even agree with it. Although our old age might not be restful, at least in the moment, we can feel the joy to be found in what we do and who we have become. And, my dear friend, that’s better than a lot of little old ladies I know. LOL,



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